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Microsoft in unique position to disrupt Sony's console reign

Remember when Sony won E3 2013 by doing the opposite of Microsoft's Xbox One plans?Now that Sony's PS4 Neo has been unearthed, Microsoft is in a unique position to turn things around and take advantage of the same tactics. read more

Microsoft retires Xbox 360

Which is why we have made the decision to stop manufacturing new Xbox 360 consoles.We will continue to sell existing inventory of Xbox 360 consoles, with availability varying by country. read more

Superdata downgrades VR forecast again

The market intelligence firm today revised its 2016 global VR hardware and software forecast down 22 percent from $3.The report says about 13 million Americans intend to purchase a VR headset this year, but Superdata is only expecting shipments of 7. read more

Intel to cut 12,000 staff

Technology company Intel has revealed plans to cut thousands of employees by 2017."Today we are announcing a restructuring initiative that will allow Intel to intensify our investments in the products and technologies that fuel our growth, and drive more profitable mobile and PC businesses," said Intel CEO Brian Krzanich in an email to employees. read more

Update: Gfinity says Xbox One sales figures were estimated

Despite entering into a partnership with Microsoft to provide eSport tournament creation software for the Xbox One, the company says it is unaware of the actual figure.� A slip up by Gfinity CEO Neville Upton during a press release has seemingly revealed the sales figures for the Xbox One, something Microsoft has gone to great lengths to protect. read more

Toys-to-life grew 7% in 2015 - NPD

Are the toys-to-life market's best days behind it?biz this week that while overall US retail sales for the toys-to-life genre grew in 2015, not all of the indicators were healthy. read more

Are Ubisoft Leaving The Division To Rot?

After leaving Rainbow Six: Siege to wilt in the corner, it seems Ubisoft are slowly doing the same with The Division.Boring updates and a lack of bug fixes are slowly killing the game. read more

PlayStation Network getting two-step verification

Sony is beefing up user security for the PlayStation Network.As reported by Polygon, a representative with the company confirmed that it will be introducing two-factor authentication to the log in process. read more

Episode 83: NX Rumorcast; Colin Condones Rumors, Piracy, and Cusses Out Chameleons

zeldainformer.zeldainformer. read more

expands with Japan Edition

In addition to content being translated into Japanese from this website, 4Gamer's team will be writing localized content about the games industry in Japan.Furthermore, GamesIndustry. read more

Mobile to overtake PC in $99.6bn global games market - Newzoo

Research firm Newzoo has released its quarterly update for the Global Games Market Report, revealing that mobile gaming, for the first time, is expected to take a larger share than PC gaming with $36.The entire global games market is forecast to reach $99. read more

NRG eSports appoints new CEO

LA's NRG eSports has a new CEO in Andrew Pruett, formerly the Global Head of iAd Publisher Relations at Apple."I am honored to join and work alongside the best in class business leadership--spanning traditional sports, marketing, media, technology, entrepreneurship and esports athletes," Pruett told ESPN. read more

One Special Day charity initiative asks for 100%

A charity drive in aid of the UK's Special Effect is asking game companies to give 100 per cent to help the work of the tireless team behind one of the country's finest gaming good causes.�New Star are long term and passionate supporters of SpecialEffect and are delighted to be part of One Special Day which will be a life changing day for the charity and the people they help to game. read more

VR dev already dropping price

While virtual reality hardware seems able to command a premium price point, customers may not be willing to extend the same courtesy to software.Early concerns about price pressure on VR software have received some validation this week as Owlchemy Labs dropped the price on its HTC Vive title Job Simulator from $40 to $30 just two weeks after the game and VR headset launched. read more

Toys-to-life's problem isn't saturation; it's fatigue

Despite that, indie startup Jumo is just getting into the toys-to-life game with its upcoming Infinite Arms.So I don't know that it's necessarily saturation; it's just fatigue. read more

Platinum Games' president has stepped down - Report

jp that Star Fox Zero's developer Platinum Games has replaced its boss Tatsuya Minami.According to our own Rob Fahey's translation, Minami actually stepped down at the end of March, and has been replaced by executive director Kenichi Sato. read more

Xbox Live sees growth but hardware dips in Microsoft's Q3

From a games perspective, Xbox gets lumped into the company's "More Personal Computing" segment so it's hard to get a full picture, but Microsoft did share that Xbox Live experienced strong growth in transactional revenues and that monthly active users climbed 26 percent year-over-year to 46 million.That said, Xbox hardware revenue declined (an exact figure was not provided) thanks to lower pricing on Xbox One and lower volumes of Xbox 360 consoles. read more

Legion Release Date, Upcoming Pet Changes and New Murlocs Datamined

Are you ready to explore new zones and collect new pets?Blizzard has announced the release date of the upcoming expansion Legion: August 30, 2016! read more

Additional Pet Tuning Changes In Legion

A number of are planned for Legion, however a few more are now being considered.[] Developer Jeremy Feasel, aka: Muffinus, explains the newest changes. read more

Tak Strategy Game Up On Kickstarter Now

As I mentioned back in the FFG post earlier, you all know that I love abstract strategy games.If you’re a fan of games like Chess or Go, you might want to check it out. read more