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Additional Pet Tuning Changes In Legion

A number of are planned for Legion, however a few more are now being considered.[] Developer Jeremy Feasel, aka: Muffinus, explains the newest changes. read more

Tak Strategy Game Up On Kickstarter Now

As I mentioned back in the FFG post earlier, you all know that I love abstract strategy games.If you’re a fan of games like Chess or Go, you might want to check it out. read more

Questor’s Journey Fantasy RPG Up On Kickstarter

At that point, you sit down and write your own system, taking bits from games you like while omitting the parts you don’t.You can then place your game out there for other people to try and then become a part of the cycle anew. read more

Spider-Man: Homecoming will feature Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man

WARNING: This article contains mild spoilers for Captain America: Civil War.During Captain America: Civil War - which pits Downey's armored avenger against Chris Evans' Steve Rogers - Tony Stark shares some great moments with Tom Holland's brand new Spider-Man. read more

Tiny Frontiers Sci-Fi RPG Up On Kickstarter

However, that doesn’t mean you always want to have a lot of extra rules as part of your game.A lot of times you’d rather just run around in your spaceship and not have to worry about various charts and tables to plot your course. read more

Aragami resurrects Tenchu-style stealth on PlayStation 4

The stealth genre is enjoying quite the renaissance lately.Say hello to Aragami: Development studio Lince Works isn't shy about the influences behind its game. read more

Forged in Magic: Reforged Up On Kickstarter

As I’ve mentioned many times before, variety is the spice of life and there is no such thing as having too many options for your RPGs.And that’s just what you get with Forged in Magic: Reforged. read more

Jeff Goldblum teases superhero movie role, world goes bananas

The future of superhero movies just got about a million times more interesting.Jeff Goldblum is trolling the heck out of us about a potential role in a comic book adaptation. read more

Elder Scrolls Legends closed beta gameplay

The fundamentals of Legends are familiar, but it does come with a few unique wrinkles.Dropping units into separate lanes, rather than into one big brawl in the middle of the board, could make for some interesting minion tactics. read more

Mirror's Edge Catalyst delayed two weeks 'to address player feedback'

Developer DICE cited tweaking of the game's online multiplayer systems as the reason for the delay, writing, "To support the Social Play features, we are using a brand new online technology.We also want to make sure we have the opportunity and time to address player feedback from the Closed Beta. read more

Furi's intense, super-stylized boss fights evoke God Hand and Metal Gear Solid

This supremely stylish, arcade-style dueling game is in the same intensely engaging vein as some of the greatest action games of all time - Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, No More Heroes, God Hand - specifically when it comes to boss fights.Though Furi revolves around a variety of boss fights, with seemingly zero 'minor' enemies in between, it's not preoccupied with bombastic setpiece battles against one gargantuan creature after another. read more

The Division done seriously is way too much fun

Pranking people in video games doesn't have to be a negative experience, you know.When you create a ridiculous persona and stay in character, it can actually be pretty fun for everyone involved. read more

Greenbrier Games Taking Orders For New Yashima Expansions

A pair of new expansions for Yashima are going to be headed soon to shops.They’re also available now for pre-order over in the Greenbrier Games webshop. read more

Here's how Dark Souls 3 ends

Many of you will be edging your way towards the end of the excellent Dark Souls 3 - shield outstretched, afraid of what miserable horrors may lurk in the game's final gruelling hours.The video below shows how my run of Dark Souls 3 ended - me, ragged and desperate after hours of failure, clubbing the Soul of Cinder to death with two summoned helpers. read more

GTA Online biker DLC petition

More than 70 in-game motorcycle clubs have united behind a single petition, calling for more bikes, more clothes, more bars, and more beards.I'm more dubious about Rockstar adding access to additional clubhouse and bar locations in GTA Online, since that sounds like a lot of work that relatively few players would appreciate. read more

Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams says 'sign me up' for The New Mutants

Last month a rumor landed online concerning the cast of Josh Boone's X-Men spin-off, The New Mutants.Almost immediately after Hitfix dropped a report that X-Men: Apocalypse's Alexandra Shipp, The Witch's Anya Taylor-Joy and Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams were up for roles, Fox denied it. read more

Fantasy Flight Games Posts Rules For Android: Mainframe

I love cyberpunk.Well, Fantasy Flight has more products coming out for their Android world (where they set NetRunner in its latest incarnation). read more

Avalon Hill Announces House on Haunted Hill: Widow’s Walk Expansion

And, of course, he had some rather spooky tales of hearing sounds he didn’t recognize and other such.And now, with all that stuff, there’s a new expansion coming out this fall. read more

Noirlandia RPG Up On Kickstarter Now

It would seem the problems of two people in this world don’t amount to a hill of beans.I also enjoy film noir. read more

Mantic Posts Deadzone 2nd Edition Details

Not to say that the games were bad in their older versions, but sometimes you just need to update things.Well, Mantic has started taking pre-orders for Deadzone 2 (Dead Harder). read more