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Hitman episode 2 trailer takes you on a tour of scenic, secretive Sapienza

The most recent entry in the Hitman franchise (appropriately dubbed "Hitman") will get its next injection of content on April 26, when the Sapienza map becomes available to download.I guess I'm glad that Sapienza isn't a real place. read more

Netflix is 'keeping an open mind' on downloading films & shows

You may not need an internet connection to marathon Netflix in the future.Company CEO Reed Hastings confirmed during a conference call with investors on Monday that offline viewing is something the company should "keep an open mind on", as Variety reports. read more

Game of Thrones season 6 is now in an 'alternate universe' compared to the books

Game of Thrones is not exactly what you'd call a light-hearted show; there's war, rape, and plenty of death (often of our favourite characters) to go round.This season is still very dark, very intense, but it's very much a next act. read more

Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke will not be back for Terminator sequels

Despite its poor critical reception (and worse title), Terminator: Genisys made $440 million at the global box office.While talking to Coming Soon about her upcoming film Me Before You, the Game of Thrones actress confirmed she wouldn't be returning to the Terminator franchise in definitive fashion; “No. read more

PES' EURO 2016 spin-off gets exclusive Welsh packaging

Like the standard version of the game, it's adorned with Gareth Bale on the cover – but all text is in Welsh.Thought you might: "With the physical edition of our official UEFA Euro 2016 game on sale today, here’s a little something to celebrate Wales’ forthcoming UEFA Euro 2016 campaign. read more

18 million Xboxes have been sold say Gfinity

Esports company Gfinty seems to have finally given us a hard number on how many Xbox Ones Microsoft has sold and that number is 18 million, quite a bit less than Sony's 35.The figure comes from Gfinity's CEO, Neville Upton, in a press release about bringing its Tournament Builder app to the Xbox. read more

Dark Souls 3 is great, but I can't love it like Bloodborne, because it's not as cool

But after playing Dark Souls 3, I think I've found a more significant difference: Bloodborne is cool.But the whole reason I bought Dark Souls 3 was the assumption that since I loved Bloodborne - a game which is itself derived from the Souls series' formula - I would obviously enjoy Dark Souls 3. read more

Wolverine 3 may introduce fan-favourite mutant X-23

Superhero Hype first reported the rumour, and a casting call from New Orleans (via asking for "Caucasian, Hispanic and Asian looking females specifically at a height of 4'-4'11" and size 0-4 with dark brown hair" - which perfectly describes X-23 - has given it a little more credence. read more

The 50 greatest kung fu movies of all time

A lot of movies invite imitation, but few make their mimics look quite so clumsy as a good kung-fu flick.At least with the likes of Star Wars even the most graceless and ungainly could keep up with old man Kenobi. read more

Xbox 360 discontinued, but Microsoft will keep selling and supporting it

After more than ten years in production, the Xbox 360 has come full circle.Which is why we have made the decision to stop manufacturing new Xbox 360 consoles. read more

The first Jason Bourne 5 trailer sees Matt Damon back in action

After delighting fans with a brief teaser served up during the Super Bowl, Universal has dropped the full trailer for Jason Bourne.Following a nine-year break from the fast-paced world of global espionage, Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass return to the series. read more

The Batman v Superman universe version of Robin was probably an axe murderer

DC fans have been somewhat divided over Batman v Superman's interpretation of the iconic superheroes (what with Superman's reckless disregard for civilian casualties and Batman's fondness for killing criminals), but it's not just the superslamming duo that director Zack Snyder had an… interesting take on.Digital Spy noticed in that in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Tech Manual (a behind-the-scenes look at the gear and technology of the film), that the late Robin wielded something a little sharper than his usual quarterstaff. read more

Rocket League gets basketball with Hoops mode on April 26

Car soccer fans won't have to wait much longer to trade their cleated tires for Air Jordan all-weathers: developer Psyonix plans to add the Hoops mode to Rocket League as a free update on Tuesday, April 26.It marked the announcement with this buzzer-beating trailer (and yes, Nike has a monopoly on athletic tire sponsorships in my Rocket League headcanon). read more

Dishonored 2 - Everything we know so far

The story of the assassin and the Empress' daughter isn't done yet.Bethesda has released only a teaser trailer with the game's announcement back at E3 2015, plus a few tidbits about the game here and there. read more

Furious 8 poster teases new roads for Vin Diesel and the gang

Fast & Furious 8, Fast 8 - and now it seems that Universal has settled on Furious 8, thanks to a new poster teased by leading man Vin Diesel.Hence the 'new roads' tagline and that haunting expression on Diesel's face. read more

Iron Man director loves Captain America: Civil War's versions of Stark and Spidey

As the producer and director of the first Iron Man film, Jon Favreau was an instrumental part of kickstarting the Marvel Cinematic Universe.He's taken more of a hands-off approach since Iron Man 2 (though he acts as executive producer on plenty of MCU movies), but he still has plenty to say about the character's treatment in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. read more

Doctor Strange takes Marvel toward Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, says writer

We've seen a good share of Marvel's superheroes end up on the big screen thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but nothing quite like the upcoming Doctor Strange.According to co-writer C. read more

To succeed Titanfall 2 needs to learn from Destiny, COD, and er, Evolve

So what does Titanfall 2 have to do to keep us interested for more than a handful of pleasant hours?This is something TitanFall 2 simply must embrace to avoid getting stuck in a niche. read more

Every Stan Lee Marvel movie cameo

The cameo: With Senator Kelly emerging from the sea as a mutant, Stan plays a hot dog vendor on the beach.Is Stan the man? read more

Shadow Complex Remastered for PS4 goes paramilitary spelunking on May 3

The original Shadow Complex first came out in 2009, but this will be the first time the Metroid-inspired sidescrolling action game is playable on a Sony platform.On top of the visual refinements you'd expect from a game with "Remastered" in the title, the new version also adds "dynamic melee takedowns" for more cinematic close-up combat and a full set of Trophies. read more