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HotS: NA Esports News Round-Up

From the results of the NA Summer Regionals qualifiers to yet again more roster changes, here are the latest Heroes of the Storm eSports news from the past few days.The latter team sported a brand new lineup featuring 2016 Heroes of the Dorm winners Michael "Michaeludall" Udall and Stefen "akaface" Anderson and runner-up David "roflcopter" Young. read more

Asmodee Announces Route 666

Get your kicks on route 666.But in the case of a zombie outbreak, I guess it wouldn’t be the worst place to end up. read more

Hearthstone Card Reveals: Princess Huhuran, Dark Arakkoa, and Shifter Zerus

This article will cover Princess Huhuran, Dark Arakkoa, and Shifter Zerus, bringing the total number of revealed cards to seventy one.Princess Huhuran has great stats for a 5-drop with an ability, and it seems very likely that she'll see play in Standard because of this. read more

HotS: Brawl With The Blues Today!

With the introduction of Tracer in the Nexus, Brawl with the Blues is back and ready to try this new Hero.The crew will also be playing Custom Games with viewers, so tune in at Twitch. read more

Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods 26th April Release Confirmed

Blizzard confirmed today that the release date for Whispers of the Old Gods will be the 26th April 2016, at least in the Americas region.While this date has been speculated about for some time now, we finally have confirmation. read more

Overwatch: Origins Edition Cross-Game Digital Goodies Now Available

While the Overwatch card back has been around for a while in Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm got its very own Tracer, World of Warcraft and Diablo III just received their Overwatch: Origins digital bonuses.These items are only available if you purchase the digital version of Overwatch: Origins. read more

Apexis Crystal Bonus Event (20th - 25th April)

The next event of April has arrived!Wade through a sea of glittering Apexis Crystals and ensure you make the most of the bonus week! read more

Firelock Games Launches Blood And Plunder Kickstarter

Thar be a new skirmish game off the port bow!Firelock Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Blood and Plunder, their new 17th century pirate skirmish game. read more

WizKids Previews Sabretooth and Wild Child For HeroClix

Some of you may end up at an Uncanny X-Men HeroClix set preview event tomorrow.This time around it’s Sabretooth and Wild Child. read more

Star Trek: Ascendancy Factions Preview Posted

Attack Wing isn’t the only Star Trek game we’ve got a preview of today.Gale Force Nine is also working on their own Star Trek Game. read more

Warcraft Movie Official Trailer #2

A new trailer for Warcraft was released today!Duncan Jones, director of Warcraft, had teased that something new is coming on April 19 and indeed it is a brand new trailer! read more

Steamforged Games Launches Dark Souls Kickstarter

Steamforged Games has launched their Dark Souls Kickstarter campaign.And yeah, it funded damn-near immediately. read more

I.R.W. Algeron Previewed For Star Trek Attack Wing

The ship being previewed today for Star Trek Attack Wing comes from way back in the original series.Set your phasers to stun and get the theremin warmed up. read more

Heroes of the Storm: April 19 Patch

A new patch has hit the servers in all regions.Most notably, it contains the new Hero, Tracer, for everyone who has pre-purchased the Overwatch: Origins edition. read more

Salute Painting Contest Winners Posted

As we all know, Salute was held last Saturday.As with many great conventions, there was a great painting contest to go with it. read more

Spoilers on Major Characters in Legion #3

The revelations from the Alpha of Legion continue in this third installment of the Spoilers series.There have been multiple new builds in the Legion Alpha lately and with them, some new spoilers on the lore of Legion have surfaced. read more

The Dresden Files Card Game Up On Kickstarter

No, this one’s Harry Dresden.Him and his friends have occurrences to investigate. read more

Mushroom Kingdom RPG Up On Kickstarter

I was hot stuff because I got the one that had both the pistol and the power pad with it.I didn’t actually play as much Super Mario as I did Track and Field, honestly, now that I think about it. read more

Warlord Games Running Special Deals for Their Games

They’ve got a special deal for an Armored Patrol for Bolt Action as well as a sale on starter armies for some of their game systems.The Armored Patrol set comes with 6 plastic German Grenadiers as well as a Panzer IV F2/G tanks. read more

WizKids Announces Ninja Turtles Dice Masters Set

The Ninja Turtles have just been seemingly everywhere lately.And now we’ve got a Dice Masters set that’ll be based on those heroes in a half shell. read more