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Capcom Confirms Monster Hunter: World as the Next Main Entry

There has been some speculation about the nature of the recently announced Monster Hunter: World for PS4 and Xbox One.While rumors have been saying for weeks that this is the supposed new mainline entry in the series, the fact that the name adds the “World” subtitle instead of being Monster Hunter 5 has caused some confusion in the fanbase. read more

Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT Will Continue the Story of the PSP Games

Japanese Magazine Weekly Famitsu has shared more details on the fighting game Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT, which was announced last week for PS4.While the previous game in the series, Dissidia Final Fantasy 012: Duodecim, presented a story mode with classic RPG traits like a world map, the one for Dissidia NT will be much closer to a regular fighting game, with video sequences playing in between combats. read more

E3 2017: Call of Duty WW2 is Really Effing Good

Well, his real thoughts were far more vulgar, but you get the point.He goes hands-on with the new war mode, divisions, and team deathmatch in this year’s shooter. read more

New Kirby Game Announced for Switch in 2018

A brand new Kirby game was just revealed during the Nintendo E3 Showcase, and it looks to have a focus on multiplayer.The showcase was chock full of big announcements, including a main series Pokemon game and Metroid Prime 4 being in development. read more

Bioware Anthem Will Feature Writing From KOTOR and Mass Effect Author

If there was any question about whether Bioware’s Anthem would be a game less focused on shooting and more focused on shooting and looting, fans of some of Bioware’s best work should rest assured as Drew Karpyshyn has confirmed that he’s on board for the writing of the game.He wrote both scenario and dialogue for Star Wars: KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic). read more

Sea of Thieves is About Letting Players Create Their Own Stories

I played Sea of Thieves at E3 2017 and really enjoyed my time.What was so clear was that Rare had spent the last year adding tons of new stuff to the game. read more

Nintendo Presents Metroid: Samus Returns for 3DS

The game is a remake of the classic Metroid II: Return of Samus for Game Boy developed by Mercury Steam.It features a classic 2D appearance with characters and environments designed on 3D, with certain skills triggering a spectacular change of perspective in order to throw special attacks. read more

Telltale Opens Up About The Walking Dead: A New Frontier in AMA

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier.Earlier today (June 13), two Telltale writers took to Telltale’s official forum in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) to discuss A New Frontier and answer fans’ questions. read more

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Features Playable Coco in all Three Games

The Crash Bandicoot N.The character of Coco didn’t even get introduced to the Crash Bandicoot series until the second game. read more

Nintendo Switch Users Will Login to Xbox Live for Minecraft Cross Play

One of the most talked about news from this E3 2017 has been the possibility for Minecraft players from Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, mobile, and VR platforms to play online together as a unified community.Today, Mojang CEO Jonas Märtensson has confirmed that the online platform that will connect all players will be Xbox Live. read more

Red Hood Available for Injustice 2

Over time the Ultimate Pack will grant access to nine playable characters as they are released.The Ultimate Pack also frants access to three Premier Skins:  Power Girl, John Stewart Green Lantern, and Reverse Flash. read more

Fire Emblem Warriors Needs Characters From Lesser Known Entries

During its press conference at E3 2017, Nintendo released the latest trailer for the Koei Tecmo developed Fire Emblem Warriors for the Nintendo Switch.As a fan of the series ever since I played Fire Emblem Gaiden when I was younger, anything bearing the Fire Emblem name will be an instant sell. read more

Sony and PlayStation The Final Roadblock in Full Cross Platform Multiplayer

When Microsoft announced earlier this week that they would be bringing cross platform play to one of the world’s most popular games in Minecraft, everybody cheered.Everybody, except PlayStation 4 owners who’ve seemingly been left out of the cross platform, cross play party in games like Minecraft and Rocket League. read more

Call of Duty: WW2's Story Spans the Entire European Theater, from 1940-45

Activision and Sledgehammer are putting a heavy focus on the single player campaign for Call of Duty: WW2.Spanning from 1940 to 1945, the campaign will run from “Normandy to the invasion of Germany” according to Sledgehammer. read more

The Makers of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Used Fan-Made Guides During Development

When remaking a game it usually helps to have the original game files on hand.Unfortunately this isn’t always an option, as was the case when Vicarious Visions looked to remake the original Crash Bandicoot PS1 games for the upcoming Crash Bandicoot N. read more

Newest Fire Emblem Warriors Video Shows Off Gameplay, Mechanics

In addition to the story trailer, Nintendo showed off 26 minutes of gameplay for Fire Emblem Warriors showing off a mission and a bunch of the game’s mechanics.While on the subject of the weapon triangle, there are quite a few other things that have been brought over from the main Fire Emblem series and woven in seamlessly. read more

E3 Day One Wrap-Up Podcast: Nintendo Wins E3 2017

Day One of E3 2017 is in the books and we can say that Nintendo seems to be continuing their hot streak with both a solid press conference stream ahead of the show and games for the Nintendo Switch on the floor of E3 that impressed.Showstoppers for Nintendo’s Press Conference included the announement of a new Metroid Prime Game, and the reveal that a completely new Pokemon title would be arriving on the console. read more

Zombies Are Coming to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Announced via Twitter, the PUBG Twitter account revealed the news plus showed a video of zombies in the game.They say that there’s no ETA on the arrival of zombies in the game but it looks like they could change the dynamic of the game significantly. read more

Gunrunning Update Available Now for GTA Online

The GTA Online Gunrunning Update is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.The new update for GTA Online allows players to research and manufacture weapons, and includes the new addition of underground bunkers, mobile operation centers, alongside new vehicles, clothing, weapon upgrades and more. read more

Destiny 2 PC Release Date Set For October

The Destiny 2 PC Release Date has been confirmed for October 24th by Bungie.A slight delay for the PC version of Destiny 2 was expected in the wake of Bungie not announcing the release date for the PC version of Destiny 2 up front when they held their first gameplay reveal event in May. read more