How not to suck at the Saxton Hale Mod-Chapter 1 The Bare Basics (unfinished dont post)

Welcome to of the Team Fortress 2 community mod know as ! ( abbreviated as ) (picture includes of 4 of the "Vanilla Bosses" L to R Vagineer, CBS, Saxton Hale, HHH) Starting off with the basics we have the mod Saxton Hale! A of the TF2 Game mode (Meaning if you die during the round

you will stay dead until the start of the next round

waiting for either team to complete its objective(s)). which pits 1 player to play as Saxton Hale or the 4 other bosses (selected in a ordered Que list) against the entire server of players playing as the Mercenaries which can be as much as 1 v 31 madness. , RED team has to either capture the point or kill hale by getting his HP to 0 and for the Hale/Boss to kill all mercs/RED team or cap the point. For a majority of the game the

Bosses or "Hales" will be played in place of the blue team

and the rest of the server will play the mercenaries on the red team. This is subject to be on maps like The Bosses in the and all the Bosses you can play as in G-S.N are the following:. The odds of playing as one of these bosses is

60 % chance of playing Saxton Hale and 10 % for the other 4

. These odds are completely random when the round begins. Bosses are generally restricted to , and (Difference in the last 2) and are givin a melee damage bonus of 210 % and note that the base damage for melee is 65. So 65 dmg x 3.1 does


With this in mind

all classes are a 1 hit kill for all bosses with melee

when no one has overheal while the . Demos with 4 heads using the and no boots(25 HP + item) can have up to 210 HP can take 2 hits but a demo with 4 heads and has boots(+25) can have 235 hp and take 1 hit of gomba/melee and walk it off. The HP of the Boss varies on the amount of players on the mercenary team and can be simplified as:

each player on the RED/Merc team adds around 1000 Health to the Hale/Boss

with the base HP of

Hales are also very fast and agile on the battlefield, being just faster than even the scout on the ground moving at a velocity of 370


and being able to go even faster in the air than the ground with a

right-click running super jumpand some other moving jumps that make Saxton's momentum something not to challenge without caution as a rush down character.

Also as a side note often servers have

time limits for hale

from the start of a round varying from 7-10 minutes and even timers of 2 minutes for last 3 players alive if the round progresses that far. GSN DOES NOT HAVE THIS!

Next Chapter: SAXTONNN HAALLLEEEEEE We get into the fun in-depth stuff with the biggest half naked man in Australia . Just needed to have some stuff laid out beforehand.

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