Is UFC 2 this year's Fight Night? - EA Sports UFC 2 for Xbox One News

Burns has been playing EA Sports UFC 2, which is not only a great improvement over the original but also includes a mode which reminds our resident violence enthusiast of Xbox 360 classic Fight Night Round 3. Knockout Mode removes the ground and clinch games, leaving only striking, and its rules are simple: punch the other person until their head separates from their shoulders like a big flesh balloon. Click to subscribe for more features.

If you prefer to inflict your graphic ultra-violence from a distance, you'll want to check out our preview of Sniper Elite 4 - which is shaping up to the best entry in the series yet. Join Jim and Dave as they discuss shooting nazis in the willy and balls in sun-soaked Italy here.

And if you prefer your violence to be more... virtual, we've got some smashing footage of the latest iteration of Battlezone running on PlayStation VR. Smashing up tanks in various procedurally generated Tron-inspired landscapes, what fun! Check it out.

Talking of PlayStation VR, Sony just gave it a proper reveal, a release window and - crucially - a price point. It looks to be the cheapest VR solution on the market (not counting those daft mobile ones that are kicking about), but is it cheap enough? Simon Miller weighs in here.

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