Plays, 9th April, 2016 -

Ratchet and Clank, the remake of the original game coming to PS4 in a few weeks, looks really really good. It's got that "it looks like a Pixar movie' look to it, even though it definitely doesn't look like a Pixar movie. People just say that because it's impressive looking for a video game and it has an appearance kids will find appealing. But still, if you like pretty PS4 games, this should be on your list of games to buy. Not that I'm saying the game itself outside of the visuals is good. It might be, but that would sort of read like a review, which you can't read it. Sorry.

As a swaggering dickhead the likes of which hasn't been seen since the last John Niven novel, I spent most of this week shopping for tuxedos or wearing tuxedos, and generally just winding people up. Anyway, it went well, but when I wasn't doing these things I was playing Enter the Gungeon, a fun roguelike shooter with a side of bullet hell and a bunch of design decisions that don't quite work. Still, if you're into those sorts of thing, you should check it out.

What else? PES, naturally. And also, still, some Dark Souls 3, which as you know by now is pretty good. Bye.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, DiRT Rally is an excellent video game that you should definitely think about buying. Honestly, even a year after the Early Access launch, it somehow still manages to feel as intense and intimidating as the day I picked it up. I love it, and I'm pretty sure most racing fans will too.

Anyway, it's console launch week so I've been taking advantage of my head start on PC to gain a decent position in the online challenges. It's working out well so far, although I banked my entire wallet on a wager event that's due to finish the day I'm writing this, so I won't know whether that's paid off until I get home this evening. Fingers crossed it hasn't gone horribly, horribly wrong. And as a glutton for punishment, I'm also hoping to get started with Dark Souls 3 this weekend, too, which, to me at least, looks to be the most exciting game in the series so far.

Apart from playing Dark Souls 3: Dark Harder (which I believe was the original working title for DS3) I walloped through Day of the Tentacle Remastered last weekend. It's one of the first games I remember playing through when I was a kid, although it came out in '93 and I was playing it somewhere in the region of '98, after I found it on my brother's desk (which was the source of all the first games I played, and he kept all the discs in massive piles without their cases which would make me flip my fucking lid if I saw it today). I never figured out how to get the audio working properly. Or actually managed to finish it. Some of the puzzles are pretty hard, although even as a child I managed to figure out getting the mummy through the Human Beauty Contest, which I remain pretty proud of.

I enjoyed it much more than I enjoy playing Dark Souls 3, probably down to what my friend Luke refers to as "weaponised nostalgia", because even though it's been remastered and had all the lines smoothed out and everything, it looks exactly as good as I remember it looking when I was a child. Even better, actually, since this time I could hear it all and didn't need the reams of subtitles. It was also much funnier playing through the sections in the past where you hang out with Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, and George Washington in the context of 2016, which contains the founding father themed musical 'Hamilton'.

Anyway, it's a lovely game if you like point and click puzzle things. Which I do. Probably because of this game in the first place. Oh no, a paradox!

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