Return to the True Roots of Star Fox With a Super NES Live Stream [Archived!]

We're just a week out from the launch of the first new Star Fox game in... oh, let's say 19 years. No, just pretend the series has been dormant since Star Fox 64, OK? It's better that way.

Star Fox Zero has a lot of hopes and expectations riding on it, and despite some initially grim impressions our resident series fanatic Kat Bailey has come around on it quite a bit. Will Zero manage to resusciate the series where odd missteps like Star Fox Command failed? Who knows! The review embargo isn't up until next week! While we wait for that verdict to come in, however, we can certainly revisit the origins of the species (those species being fox, eagle, frog, etc.):

This afternoon, I'll be dusting off my Star Fox cartridge and playing it on real Super NES hardware. If you've only played Star Fox on an emulator these past few years, you may be in for a surprise! Nintendo and Argonaut really pushed the capabilities of the Super NES hardware with this game, but there's only so much a 3 MHz 16-bit chip can do, even with add-on tech in the cartridge. So join me on a shaky, shuddering, abstract journey through outer space as I steer a bunch of triangles through other triangles and try to make the best of it. A low-poly time will be had by all!

I'll be streaming at 4 p.m. Eastern time (1 p.m. Pacific) on our Twitch channel and posting the stream to YouTube shortly thereafter, so please join me for the live feed or enjoy the archive. As you prefer!

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