Leaked NX controller was a fake - and here's how it was made -

The leaked Nintendo NX controller is a fake, creators of the two hoaxes have admitted.

The creator of the original leaked NX images, Reddit user Idriss2Dev, has said that he faked them and posted the following video to reveal how it was done.

This revelation led to the creator of the second and much more believable images to reveal that those too were faked.

Faker Frank Sandqvist released the video below showing exactly how the real world prototype was created, and you've got to say he did a great job. Analysis

Whilst the original Nintendo patent remains real, it does seem unlikely that this will be a a final design for the new system's controller.

We also now need to be wary of future leaks looking real as you can do a lot with some 3D modelling skills and a 3D printer.

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