Plays, 26th March, 2016 -

If you're reading this article, looking sad that there's no update on my Football Manager career, I'm sorry. Seeing as I'm now making regular videos about that, I can use this space to talk about other stuff: today that's Quantum Break.

With embargoes in place, I can't say much, but I would like to restate how brilliant the game looks. It's only 720p (but uses some technique to make it look better than that), but it's one of the most impressive games I've seen on this generation of consoles. The effects on display are staggering. It plays well too, although to find out how well this gameplay and TV show elements work together you'll have to wait for my review.

Yes, I'm playing Dark Souls 3 again. I know, I know: but this time it's for review. Which is nice, eh? I'm not really allowed to say too much at the moment, of course, but I can say that I am enjoying it, and it has started to take over much of my waking thoughts. So there's that.

Anyway, what else is happening? Well, I'm still playing a lot of PES, as you probably guessed, and also had a little go on Demon's Souls to compare it to DS3. I also played a bit of FIFA 16, which I've come to see as a fun-enough two-player co-op game, but one also filled with mad, mad nonsense.

No VGPlays would be complete, of course, without me saying that I've seen a new game and that I can't tell you anything about it, or even what it is. I can say, however, that it surprised me, and not in a bad way. You'll find out soon enough.

Look, we need to settle this. Do you or do you not lose an hour to the clocks going forward? I say yes (because of course you do), but with the exception of Tom nobody else in the office seems to agree. But surely it's simple maths? Over the space of a 48 hour weekend, if the clock jumps forward an hour, your total weekend time is reduced to 47 hours. I understand that you 'gain' the hour back when the clocks change again later in the year, but for now at least, that hour is gone. Right?

Oh and while we're on it, I still think you can turn left in space, because even when you're in space, everything in space is still relative to you.

ANYWAY. Even though I'll have an hour less of gaming time this weekend, I'm hoping to spend it playing more of Trackmania Turbo. It's one of those games that you've probably never really thought about playing, but really, really should. The blistering sense of speed, glitzy arcade presentation, the 'one more go' appeal; everything I've played of it so far has left me very impressed. It is (a bit) like Burnout. And you don't get much higher praise than that.

Oh, and if I can stomach the awful music, I might dive back into Day of the Tentacle Remastered, too. I adored the original, but after spending an hour with the remaster I can't help but feel it may have been a game of its time...

I wish to state for the record that David is talking utter bollocks re. both daylight savings and turning left in space, and the idea that "The fish of today are the humans of tomorrow," and various other statements that he's given to announcing to the room at large without warning.

Okay, but the first Fallout DLC is actually alright. It adds a bunch of new weapons and armour, and some new enemies. There are some fun mad scientists logs to read in the final dungeon, notably one where a scientist working in the brain–removing department is like "We covered a brain in icing and told a guy it was birthday cake and then he ate some brain accidentally, lololol". They also made cocktails out of expensive brain suspension fluid. Office hijinks. Nobody at VG has yet tricked anyone other members of staff into cannibalism, though. Anyway, the story is okay, and it is very 50s science fiction – the future as imagined by the past. Which is dead Fallout.

The most fun bit is building an army of your own robots, though. You can combine weird bits in them and make loads of different metal Frankenstein creations, plus boot up their actual personalities and consider the ethics of it all. You can even paint your robots different colours at no extra material cost. I saw Codsworth idly floating about Sanctuary and noticed how drab and run down he was looking after a few hundred years. So I painted him flame red, like a classic De Ville Cadillac. He's jetting about like a pure baller these days.

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