Criterion challenged two kids to design a racing game - and then they made it - Burnout Paradise for Xbox 360 News

Ever wondered how games are made? A new CBBC show broadcast earlier today aimed to offer young people an insight into just that, while providing a peek behind the curtains of one of the UK's most successful studios Criterion.

In the 30 minute programme, Criterion challenged schoolchildren Kiya (11) and Toby (13) to design a new racing game, inviting them to their studio to come up with ideas for vehicles, a track and audio before creating it for them in just a couple of days.

The end result, futuristic racer Kito Blaze, was then shown off to the public at Insomnia Festival, where it seemed to go down rather well with fans.

Alright, it's a programme for kids and the final game may not give WipEout a run for its money, but it gives an interesting look at the process behind making games.

Got a spare half hour? UK viewers can check out the show and have a snoop around Criterion's offices over on BBC iPlayer.

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