Dark Souls 'big' news is... a clothing collection - Dark Souls 3 for PS4 News

Bandai Namco's "big Dark Souls news" isn't that it's releasing Dark Souls 3 early or that it's working on a current-gen remaster of the original game. No, it's for a new clothing collection that's available now from the publisher's online store.

A series of Dark Souls caps, t-shirts, hoodies and posters can now be purchased from the store, with prices starting from £13.50 all the way up to £39.99. Now, I'm not a particularly good judge of fashion, so who am I to say whether they're any good or not? But if you're interested in taking a look, head through to the store.

And if you were hoping for something, well... bigger, hopefully there's a corner somewhere nearby for you to go cry in. I'll see you there.

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