Plays, 19th March, 2016 -

My time with Derby is coming to an end. I might pop into my old save once in awhile, but from next week I'm starting a new adventure - one that hopefully will be televised on the YouTube. I'm not sure what club I'll be managing yet. I'm thinking about randomly picking one from a combined pool of the Premier League and Championship, and hoping for the best.

Anyway, life at Derby isn't too bad. I'm in seventh, have a good squad, plenty of promising young players, and a fairly safe position. I'll be sad to move on, but that is the life of a football manager at the top of his game.

Thanks to the magic of EA Access – pretty much the only good thing on Xbox One – I managed to have a little tinker around with EA UFC 2 this week, and guess what: it's pretty good. The ground game is still odd and stilted, but the stand up is great, evidenced by the new Knockout Mode. KO mode gets rid of grappling and clinching altogether: instead it's a straight-up slugfest which, thanks to the inclusion of a segmented health bar, actually has a slight tactical twist to it. Very good.

Elsewhere, things haven't been quite as appealing. Rolex introduced a new steel Daytona and when I called Watches of Switzerland they told me the waiting list was already four years. FOUR YEARS. Then the man laughed. Shocker.

I like it, but I'm not entirely sure why I like it... The shooting, while perfectly serviceable, is far from best-in-class; the narrative and storytelling isn't engaging in the least; and what little I've played of the Dark Zone seems more infuriating than it does intense. But there's just something about it that's kept me playing.

I think its appeal boils down to two things: 1) The Division is an easy game to play without having to pay too much attention to. You know exactly the kind of game I mean. And 2) its well-balanced RPG loop keeps it compelling, with the regular tick of new perks, abilities and higher-level loot driving you to unlock more.

I don't know if it's enough to keep me going for the long-term, just as I didn't get into Destiny quite as much as others. But at this stage, I feel like I'm enjoying 'New D' far more than I did 'Old D', and after a strong start, I just hope it manages to keep its momentum going through to the mid-endgame.

My desire to co–opt the TV to play The Division has officially become a grievance with my husband, but through compromise I can still get in quite a lot of time with it. I'm getting towards the endgame now, but I haven't been spending as much time in the Dark Zone as I might like, because I'm often not playing at the same time as my mates, and though I can survive in there on my own for a bit I'm often undone by my overconfidence. So I'm mostly concentrating on the main story at the moment, because matchmaking for that is super easy and the other players don't bother talking much. Head down; power through.

Because my main agent is a high level, last weekend I officially started a new agent for the first time so I could play alongside another member of the VG staff. Turns out that Miller has a kind of extremely specific blind spot that prevents him from seeing that his skill cooldowns are finished. He insisted more than once that they weren't, even though the whole team's skill loadout shows on screen, so I knew precisely how able to heal himself he was at all times.

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