IKEA VR Experience has everything, including kitchen sink - IKEA VR Experience for PC News

IKEA VR Experience has today launched on Steam as a free download for HTC Vive, the flat pack furniture expert has announced.

The test application is IKEA's first foray into VR tech and has been designed to give users the ability to step into a virtual kitchen.

"Virtual reality is developing quickly and in five to ten years it will be an integrated part of people’s lives. We see that virtual reality will play a major role in the future of our customers. For instance, someday, it could be used to enable customers to try out a variety of home furnishing solutions before buying them," said Jesper Brodin, managing director at IKEA of Sweden and Range & Supply Manager at IKEA Group.

The app gives users the ability to try out three kitchen styles, changing colours with a single click. It is also possible to experience the kitchens from the perspective of both an adult and child, which is often hard to see in real life.

The application will be supported until August.

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