7 Days to Die is coming to PS4 & Xbox One via Telltale - 7 Days to Die for PS4 News

Hit survival horde crafting game 7 Days to Die will launch on PS4 and Xbox One this June as part of Telltale Games' new publishing partnership initiative.

Dallas-based indie studio and creator of the game, The Fun Pimps, is working with Telltale to make the port happen.

The game is set in an unforgiving post-apocalyptic open-world overrun by the undead. The game blends first person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing games.

"With 7 Days to Die, The Fun Pimps have redefined the survival genre, blending crafting, character growth and world-building to create an experience that has already absorbed 1.5 million PC users worldwide. We couldn't resist the chance to bring this outstanding experience to consoles," commented Telltale.

On console the game will add a new multiplayer mode supporting local split-screen, additional online multiplayer modes and other features to be revealed in the coming weeks. DLC is also planned.

Pre-ordering the game will also give players access to five exclusive character skins from The Walking Dead, including Michonne and Lee Everett.

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