Batman v Superman Review & Spoilercast -

Batman v Superman is finally here. We discuss its merits and what it means for the DC Extended Universe going forward; setting up Justice League isn't as easy as Joss Whedon made setting up The Avengers look, so this is a crucial film for Snyder to prove he's up to the task.

Just to be clear: this is a spoilercast. There are spoilers in this discussion. You've been warned.

Batman v Superman is a film that some of us have been waiting for for decades. Others, however, aren't quite so enthusiastic for the idea of silly men fighting in their silly pants over silly nonsense. Can Zack Snyder's tale of clashing titans bring these people together? Yes, as it turns out, but not in a way he'd be proud of. Jim & Burns came to BvS from completely different angles, but ended up thinking roughly the same thing: that it's a shite film with good bits.

That was worth the $250m, eh?

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