Miitomo launches in the UK on Thursday -

Nintendo's first ever smart device app 'Miitomo' will launch in the UK and other European territories this Thursday, March 31, the game maker has announced.

The social experiences app has already had over one million downloads in Japan.

Miitomo will be free to download from Apple and Android stores, giving users the ability to create a Mii character and customise facial features like eyes and hair, as well as their voice and personality. Users can also use the camera on their devices to take a photo of themselves to be turned into a Mii, or import a ready-made Mii from Wii U or Nintendo 3DS using a QR Code.

You can preregister for Miitomo by signing up for a Nintendo Account at before March 31. Doing so will award you with Platinum Points for the new My Nintendo rewards programme, which will simultaneously launch with Miitomo.

Platinum Points can be earned by interacting with Nintendo apps and services, including Miitomo. Gold Points are earned when purchasing downloadable games from the official Nintendo website or Nintendo eShop on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Both Platinum and Gold Points can be redeemed for rewards like games, download content, in-app items and Nintendo eShop discounts.

Sign up for a Nintendo Account before the end of April and you'll also be able to download Flipnote Studio 3D fpr 3DS for free.

Furthermore, from the afternoon of March 31, users with a Nintendo Account and linked Nintendo Network ID will be able to purchase select Wii U and Nintendo 3DS software, using their Nintendo eShop balance, from the Nintendo of Europe website. The user's purchased software will then be downloaded via SpotPass and installed automatically.

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