Sniper Elite 4: Nazis & Nutshots - Preview Video - Sniper Elite 4 for PC News

Sniper Elite 4 is on its way. Dave's seen it in all its testicle shot glory, and sat down with Jim to explain everything. They're both fans of the series and Sniper Elite 4, set in Italy in 1943, is shaping up to be the best yet. Click to subscribe for more previews.

If you've never played a Sniper Elite game before, you're in for a treat. We were big fans of Sniper Elite III back in 2014 - check out our one-minute review here.

We also rather enjoyed the Zombie Army spin-offs - when Zombie Army Trilogy came out on PS4, we did a smashing let's play with Brett (RIP) and Dave here.

Sniper Elite 4 takes the action to Italy which, at this point in the second world war, was Nazi-occupied but not destroyed. We've been told to expect massive maps, around three times larger than those seen in Sniper Elite III which were pretty expansive. The infamous x-ray kill cams are back, and now show up during environment kills, showing every piece of shrapnel penetrating the limbs of the fascist arsehole you've just taken out from the other side of the harbour. Hooray! Down with fascism! We can't wait.

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