Oh hi Iron Man Mark 46

If you look back at the first Iron man suit and compare it to almost a decade of development and improvements, man what a difference. The Mark I is the equivalent of a walking toaster on steroids, a lean and mean machine built from scraps (IN A CAVE!) and possibly leftover falafels. The current Iron Man suits? Sleek, sexy and with only a hint of the ostentatious. It’s very much like comparing a Ferrari to a hot hatchback.

One performs well and will get you from point A to Point B, while the more expensive option will do the same but with style. The latest Iron Man suit is style to the max. The Mark 46 is very much a direct adaptation of the Bleeding Edge armour, with a properly collapsible face-plate that would make Star-Lord jealous. And while I’m still busy trying to convince government to sell Nkandla to fund my dream of owning a full-size version of it, I’d happily settle for the sixth-scale replica.

“But Darryn,” I hear you ask despite my best attempts to keep you away from me by tossing crocodiles into the minefield moat, “what makes this figure any different from all the other Iron Man figures that you regularly tempt us with as if you were some sort of toy-based Satan?” Alright, fair enough. What makes this figure different, is that happens to be made from diecast metals, to give it that extra level of coolness/authenticity.

And if you don’t believe me, here’s a gallery of pictures for the video-disabled:

Almost as gorgeous as Supergirl’s unbreakable optimism, right? Expect to pay a few pretty pennies more for this one however, as the Mark 46 Iron Man armour is currently priced at around $345, with a shipping date of June 2017. Plenty of time to save up at least.

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