PS4.5 is codenamed NEO; games releasing in October required to be 'NEO-ready' - Report -

The widely-rumoured PS4.5 is codenamed 'NEO' and features an improved GPU, a faster CPU, and more memory bandwidth, according to a new report.

Giant Bomb claims to have seen documents detailing the new console, which allegedly states that it will exist alongside the current PS4 and let developers build enhancements into new and existing games to take advantage of the new hardware.

From October, PS4 games will begin shipping with both a "Base Mode" and "NEO Mode", the report states. The Base Mode will, apparently, be the version compatible with the current PS4, while the NEO Mode will take advantage of the new console's specs to deliver a "more stable frame rate and higher visual fidelity". Games will not, however, be required to run at native 4K, despite the console supporting a 4K output.

Existing games will be able to make use of NEO's improved specs, too, the report says, although it won't be an automatic upgrade, instead requiring developers to patch their games. Games released "in the late September window" will also require a day one patch "that updates them to NEO standards".

There won't be any "NEO-only games", however, the report says, and developers will not be able to "offer exclusive gameplay options or special unlockables for NEO players". Giant Bomb speculates, though, that NEO may be able to offer an 8-player local co-op mode in games that would otherwise be restricted to 4-players on the current PS4.

The dates don't necessarily mean that NEO is due to launch this October, either, Giant Bomb notes, with the documents said to "explicitly note that devs are allowed to launch NEO-ready games before the NEO itself releases".

As for the specs themselves, Giant Bomb says that the CPU will consist of 8 Jaguar Cores running at 2.1GHz, faster than the current 8 Jaguar Cores at 1.6GHz. The GPU, meanwhile, is said to be an improved AMD GCN featuring 36 compute units running at 911MHz, twice as many as the current GPU that runs at 800MHz.

Memory bandwidth, too, is allegedly being improved to run at 218GB/s, up from the 176GB/s in the current console. It won't be getting a major boost in memory, however, using the same 8GB GDDR5 as the current console, albeit with an "additional 512MiB" offered to developers "in the memory budget".

Giant Bomb's report follows earlier rumours claiming that Sony has plans to launch an upgraded PS4 console. Microsoft has also hinted at the possibility of an improved Xbox One. Sony has yet to comment.

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