Grand Kingdom beta comes to PS4 on May 3 - Grand Kingdom for PS4 News

A PS4 exclusive beta for tactical RPG Grand Ages will launch on May 3, one month ahead of the game's June 17 launch on both PS4 and PS Vita, NIS America has announced.

To take part simply register on the Grand Kingdom website and codes will be sent on May 3. The beta will close on May 10.

In the beta you'll get access to the Fighter, Hunter, Witch and Medic classes and two complete quests from the single-player campaign. Players will also be able to compete in three battles in the online war each day.

The Online War is "a pretty big component of the game in which you choose a nation to support, then take all the steps necessary to lead them to greatness!" explains NIS. "Everything from voting on battle strategies and developing defences and weaponry to jumping into the nitty-gritty of laying waste to an enemy squad."

Save games can be carried over to the full PS4 game, meaning you can keep your squad members and mercenary money. The Online War scenario will be completely reset.

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