The Crew is getting new camera modes - The Crew: Wild Run for PS4 News

The Crew and The Crew Wild Run players will soon have a host of new camera options at their disposal.

New video tools will give players the ability to control new cameras and points-of-view around their or their friends' cars.

Accessed via the game's smartphone when in Free Ride (and while not being chased by the police), it will be possible to follow each of your crew members without having to worry about driving. This means you'll be able to swoop around the car, zoom and set custom camera positions and speed rotation.

Directors will also be able to modify the colorimetry, the weather or hide the traffic. The mode isn't a recording tool, so you'll still need to use built-in or external capture methods to make sure your camera work is saved.

The new camera options will form part of the April game update.

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