Platinum Games' President Has Resigned [Report]

According to a report by (translated via GamesIndustry), Platinum Games president Tatsuya Minami has stepped from his position at the studio. The report states that Minami resigned from his executive role at the end of March. Admin director Kenichi Sato is his replacement, with Seigo Tabira and Atsushi Inaba moving up to management and becoming company directors.

Minami got his start in the industry at Capcom, doing promotional and pixel art for early titles like Rush & Crash. His first big break was directing Super Ghouls N' Ghosts, after issues with another director. He went on to work for Capcom for a total of 20 years as the producer of titles like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Resident Evil Zero, Mega Man X4-8. In 2006, he left the publisher to form his own studio, ODD, which later merged with Seeds (former members of Capcom's Clover Studio) to create Platinum Games.

There's no stated reason behind Minami's departure, but the company did just release Star Fox Zero, a collaboration with Nintendo, to mixed reviews. In addition, Minami's position did keep him away from the creative process, something he lamented in previous interviews.

"There is a little bit of frustration that I can't go in there and make games myself," Minami told Polygon. "But one of the cool things about working here is there are people who are supremely talented at making games and are much better at making games than I am."

There's no indication in the report of Minami's status at the company outside of his resignation. He may have left the studio completely, or simply moved into a production role.

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