Doom SnapMap & single-player extended looks coming next week - DOOM (2016) for PS4 News

The Doom multiplayer beta gave players a great idea of what to expect from its competitive game modes, but what of SnapMap and the single-player mode? Well, Bethesda's Twitch channel is hosting in-depth looks into both next week.

Tom Mustaine with the SnapMap team will show off the wide range of co-op, single-player and multiplayer content you’ll find in SnapMap. They'll also walk you through creating a mode, and show you just how crazy you can get with the powerful SnapMap tools. If you have any questions about what you can do with SnapMap or how it works, now’s your chance to ask! Tom Mustaine will be answering questions from the chat throughout the stream

A walkthrough of part of DOOM’s single-player campaign, led by Executive Producer Marty Stratton and Creative Director Hugo Martin. Be among the first in the world to see several never-before-seen levels, and watch as Hugo and Marty show off just how intense DOOM can be!

Doom launches May 13 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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