Leaked PS4.5 NEO specs are 'real', says Digital Foundry -

This morning's PS4.5/NEO leak "is real", according to tech experts Digital Foundry, who claim to have been given access to the same leaked documents as Giant Bomb.

Verifying Giant Bomb's report, Digital Foundry claims that Sony is now "openly sharing" details of the unannounced console with developers, confirming that it carries the codename 'NEO' and that "there is no doubt - this is real. This is the new, more powerful PlayStation 4."

While Digital Foundry's report goes into much the same detail as Giant Bomb's, it adds that prototype devkits for the new hardware "are on their way to studios now", with a test kit to follow "shortly".

"A second-gen test kit, again not based on the actual retail shell, goes out in June," the site adds. "Sony gives more intensive Neo briefings at its DevCon event in in May, while code submission for Neo-compatible titles begins in August."

The timing of the console's release remains unclear, however, although it was reported earlier today that all PS4 games due for release this October will need to be compatible with the new console. Digital Foundry speculates that the console could arrive this year, but with PlayStation VR also due out in October, a March 2017 launch would perhaps seem "more likely".

Sony has yet to comment on the leaks.

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