Remedy has been working on an unannounced game since August - Quantum Break for Xbox One News

Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment has been working on an unannounced title for at least 9 months, according to the LinkedIn profile of the new game's lead designer.

As spotted by Gamer Center Online, two Remedy employees claim to currently be working on the new game, with one stating that they started work on the title back in August. has also found a further employee serving as the executive producer on the new game.

Remedy hasn't announced plans for any future titles since shipping Xbox One/Windows 10 exclusive Quantum Break earlier this month. It has, however, said that there are ongoing discussions about a sequel to Alan Wake.

"I've been very open about our love for Alan Wake," Remedy's creative director Sam Lake said last month. "It's an IP we own. As I said, as we've said, we'd love an opportunity to do more Wake. We're obviously fully focussed on Quantum Break, but we're always prototyping things on the side, bouncing around ideas."

He continued: "It's too early to say anything specific about [Alan Wake 2]. We've had and we are having discussions about it. But there's no definite news at the moment."

None of the employees' LinkedIn profiles drop hints at what type of game it may be, or whether it is linked to a new or existing IP.

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