Bravely Second Patissier Job Guide

Become a master pastry chef in Bravely Second with this guide!

Patissier is a fun, hilarious, and very helpful Job in Bravely Second. They used baked good to cause various status ailments and enfeeblements. They are can also make the enemy focus on 1 party member, which is good if you have a tank to soak up damage.

They can use items on everyone and cause their confections to target all enemies at once. If you like reducing your enemies' stats, and have a sense of humor, this Job is perfect for you.

You unlock this Job by defeating Angelo in Yunohana at the end of chapter 2.

Patissier only has S rank in Daggers and C rank or lower in all other weapons. 

The specialty for Patissier is Prolong Enfeeble.

Bravely Second Patissier Job

There are multiple things you can do with Patissier.

Patissier is all about crippling the enemy and supporting your team. Items for All is pretty much required since it lets you use those Bon Appetit effects on all enemies at once.

If you are using a tank in your party, this Job is useful even if you only use Decoration, since you can use it on the tank to give them the highest chance possible of being targeted.

Patissier is also good for a healer or elemental damage dealer if you use Glace/Attack Item Amp and Critical Hitter since it greatly increases the effectiveness of items and gives you a chance to crit with them.

That's it for my Bravely Second Patissier Job guide. Let me know if you have any questions. Visit my Beginner Tips and Tricks for more help with the game.

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