Bravely Second Fencer Job Guide

Master the art of the Fencer in Bravely Second with this guide!

The Fencer Job in Bravely Second can change stances to boost their attack, defense or speed. They also have special abilities that can only be used in certain stances. It requires some setup, but can be a very strong Job when used correctly.

If you like to switch things up in battle to have multiple boosts and good physical damage, Fencer is for you.

You unlock Fencer after finishing the Prologue.

Fencer has S rank in Swords and Daggers and A rank in shields.

  • They have C proficiency in armor and helms, but the light armor is still best since you get good magic defense.

  • Equip a shield in your off-hand if you want more defense.

  • Accessories that increase STR, AGL, DEX, or speed are useful.

  • Swords are the better option if you are going for pure damage, but a dagger will let you access the healing Special, Perfect Circle.

  • Triple Wield can also be good for the added attack 3 swords can give.

  • I used a Fencer/Hawkeye combo and used Rifle lore to get S rank in Firearms, then equipped a rifle.

The specialty for Fencer is Muscle Memory.

Bravely Second Fencer job

  • Hawkeye

    is my favorite and great for most physical attacker Jobs. This lets you add elements to your weapon so you can exploit enemy weaknesses.

  • Swordmaster is great for building off the aurochs stance. You can use it as your sub or just get the Counter Amp and/or Katana Lore.

  • Ninja is good if you want to Dual Wield without the penalty.

  • Charioteer for Triple or quad wield.

Fencer takes some setup, but can be worth it. Choosing the support ability Eye of the Wolf cuts down on that time by starting you in wolf stance. 

Falcon Claw will give you the most damage if you only have 1 enemy in battle, but there are no attacks that put you in falcon stance so you will have to take a turn to set that up. It also takes 1 BP, but if you hit damage cap, that is nearly 40,000 damage in one attack.

It is a good idea to switch between your stances at the beginning since the boosts last for 10 turns, then you can save up BP for your attacks.

That's it for my Bravely Second Fencer guide. Let me know if you have any questions!

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