Discuss: General MLB Franchise Roster Management Tips

Perhaps unlike any other sport, roster management is a huge deal in baseball. From managing how and when to add players to the disabled list, to managing minor leagues, to simply putting together a coherent 25-man roster for the bulk of the season -- roster management is front and center when it comes to baseball. Managing an MLB Franchise's roster means you have to constantly be monitoring multiple levels of baseball and dozens of players to make sure your roster is evolving as it should. This usually involves a delicate dance of moving players up and down the minors as well as carefully managing your 40 man roster. If you aren't careful, you can easily find that your roster has horrible imbalances with too many of any one position on your 40 man roster. This creates an uncomfortable position of having to move players sometimes completely out of your franchise just to have a functional roster -- especially if injuries become prevalent in your franchise at a certain position.

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