EA Details New Gameplanning Features in Madden NFL 17

, EA details new gameplanning features for . You will choose gameplans each week on offense and defense. For each, you'll complete drills which will enable XP boosts for your team as you head into the next week. You'll be notified of these boosts at the start of each game. EA uses a vertical pass plan gameplan as an example. Every time you call a vertical passing play your players ratings will be impacted positively. On top of this, tendencies will be available to view for opponents. You'll also be able to focus XP improvements on specific players and focus gameplans to pursue one of three goals: 1) You can try to counter your opponent by selecting a gameplan that takes away your opponent’s strengths. 2) You can go with what your team does well by choosing a gameplan that focuses on how you like to play. 3) If your team is in a rebuilding mode, you can lean on gameplans that give XP to the position groups of most need.

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