FIFA Ultimate Team Chemistry Glitch Reveals Mode Could be Broken - EA Statement Added

YouTube user may have discovered a pretty serious issue within FIFA Ultimate Team, specifically when regarding the chemistry within the game. In a video uploaded this past weekend, Onix breaks down how chemistry could be artificially raising and lowering skill levels with no rhyme or reason by using the dribbling attribute as an example. This could prove the feeling many gamers have of the game artificially limiting performance without any real rhyme or reason despite higher chemistry ratings within the game. Whether this is a bug or a deliberate balancing move -- EA should comment on it considering Ultimate Team brings in over half a billion dollars a year in revenue. That's simply a lot of money people at throwing at these modes. There is a . So in layman's terms, some higher rated cards are not getting boosted like lower rated cards -- resulting in the more expensive cards performing worse in a relative sense than lower rated cards due to some sort of artificial handicapping or bug. The issue is, of course, these higher rated cards are sold at a premium by EA but play by a different set of rules vs. day-1 cards which actively limits their performance. We'll update this post if EA posts any response to the controversy, either directly to us or in any other official manner.

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