Madden NFL 17 Video - Gameplay, Commentary, Fake FG Trick Play (GoodGameBro)

A few weeks ago, EA flew me out to Los Angeles to record some early Madden 17 gameplay. This is the second video that I've released, and I show off a ton of commentary with some of the new presentation changes too.

I tried to make sure that the Madden 17 gameplay focused on the new commentary guys, Brandon Gaudin & Charles Davis. Some of the cuts on the video are a bit rough, but that's because I wanted to make sure you could hear the full audio of a lot of the segments. Best part? I believe only 40% of the commentary was in the game during this build!

You'll get some gameplay of Paxton Lynch & Jared Goff, but most of the gameplay focuses on the Denver Broncos vs the Oakland Raiders. If you guys have any questions about the game, feel free to leave a comment below & I'll try to answer a few of them!

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