Xbox 360 Games That are Compatible with Xbox One

Want to know which Xbox 360 games are available to play on Xbox One? Here's where you can find out. This list is updated at regular intervals to keep it current.

There are two ways to install and play backward compatible Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One:

If you own the original disc, just insert the game into the console, and it will automatically start downloading to the Xbox One's hard drive. Once the game has downloaded, you'll need to insert the game disc into the drive whenever you want to play it.

If you bought a title digitally, navigate to the Xbox One "Ready to Install" menu and click on the game you want to install. It'll download automatically and show up in your library when it's ready to play.

Backwards compatible Xbox 360 games look and play exactly the same as they did originally, but support Xbox One features such as recording, livestreaming and screenshot capture. Additionally, any gamerscore and achievements garnered on Xbox 360 games will carry over to Xbox One.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game

Might and Magic Clash of Heroes

Sam and Max Beyond Time and Space

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