Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop arena building guide

We show you how to craft the new settlement additions to Fallout 4 and grab a couple of easy achievements in the process!

The second add-on pack for Fallout 4 has arrived, vastly increasing the options for building up your own personalized settlement.

While Automatron added in the ability to craft robots, the Wasteland Workshop DLC now gives you the option to trap raiders and creatures that roam the wasteland – and then battle them against each other!

With the right materials you can now create just about any building imaginable, populate it with a horde of decorations, and even earn a few extra achievements along the way.

While Automatron required you to have high rankings in the Science, Armorer, Blacksmith, and Gun Nut perks to build the best robotic equipment, the perk requirements are much less stringent for the new additions with Wasteland Workshop.

The Beta Wave Emitter and Fusion Generator are the primary additions that have any perk requirements at all. Before capturing any wild animals to use in your arena or assign to defense of a settlement, make sure you have the Animal Friend and Wasteland Whisperer perks at level 1. The Fusion Generator also requires a Science perk at level 4.

A few of the new items (particularly the cages) require power to properly function, so make sure you've got the spare materials on hand to build new generators.

Although there's not a quest to complete or new villain to overcome, there are three new Wasteland Workshop achievements to snag and increase your gamer score:

Docile – Have 5 tamed creatures in a settlement at one time by building any cage (or a combination of cages) and using the Beta Wave Emitter to tame whatever you catch. See below for info on building cages.

Instigator – This one unlocks when you start a spectated arena fight in a settlement. After building the Arena Contestant Blue Team and Arena Contestant Red Team objects, assign a settler (or companion) to each and have them battle. Keep in mind that your settlement's happiness will drop if your settlers fight to the death.

Trapper – Simply build one of every cage type. The only hard part about unlocking this achievement is gathering all the various meats you'll need, as each different cage has a unique material requirement. See the list of settlement objects below for a full break down of the materials needed.

Aside from a load of little knick knacks and slightly upgraded objects, these are all the major additions to Fallout 4's settlement building (along with their material requirements):


That's everything – be sure to share with us how you built your perfect arena or let us know if you find any other interesting additions that we should be putting in our settlements!

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