1st Major update for Tom Clancy's The Division

Yesterday, April 12, players of Tom Clancy's The Division got their hands on the first major update to the game since its release. Titled "Incursions", this content update is intended to keep players engaged after the main storyline is completed. Incursions is the first of two free updates that will be available for all players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. Here is a breakdown of the major key points in this new patch.

  • Gear Sets: Speaking of gear, players can now earn new gear sets. Gear Sets are equipment that give stat bonuses and special talents upon completion. Each set has a different Gear Score and enhanced abilities. The new sets are:
    1. "Tactician’s Authority” – enhances electronics and support capabilities
    2. “Striker’s Battlegear” – provide bonuses for assault capabilities
    3. “Sentry’s Call” – enhances marksman capabilities
    4. “Path of the Nomad” – provides bonuses for lone wanderers
  • Group Spectator Camera: The Group Spectator Cam lets fallen agents spectate members of their group while waiting to be revived. Players can toggle the cam by using RB/LB, R1/L1 or Q/E keys to switch between players.

With a plethora of bug fixes and item changes, these are all the major things you need to know about the Incursions update for Tom Clancy's The Division. For all the changes and updates, please visit the Ubisoft Dev blog.

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