Total War: Warhammer Free-LC plans revealed

DLC. Sometimes and all the time, it sends an “uurgh” shivering down my spine, as the thought of paying for extra content in a game has never sat well with me. Unless it was Team Fortress 2 hats for some reason. Damn you Valve, you discovered one of my many, many weaknesses! ANYWAY. Love it or loathe it, but DLC is here to stay as long as it makes money.

But free DLC? Listen, I take back everything I said. That kind of DLC is fantastic. Quick updates that make a game relevant again. Thing is, such content usually rolls out in dribs and drabs, much like the snot that is flowing from my face this morning after I accidentally inhaled some pollens. Total War: Warhammer is looking to go down that route, with a substantial amount of new content over the months.

“With both Rome 2 and Attila we were able to release playable factions, new formats and even a free campaign expansion as a thanks to players for supporting Total War,” said brand director Rob Bartholomew via VG247.

Here’s the full list of Free-LC, copied and pasted on over from the Total War: Warhammer site:

TW Warhammer

Themed on a specific rivalry or conflict from the Warhammer Lore, Lord Packs contain brand new Legendary Lords and supporting units and characters for existing playable races. They typically include:

Race Packs introduce a new playable Race to the game, either as a first appearance, or adding a full Unit roster, Heroes, Lords and playable Legendary Lords to non-playable existing races in the core game. They might typically include:

A supercharged version of a Race Pack, Campaign Packs not only contain a brand new Race for use in the Grand Campaign and Multiplayer, but also add a new Challenge Campaign to the game. Themed on an epic event from the Warhammer Lore, these self-contained Campaigns will present a distinct and challenging scenario. Contents might typically include:

A new Challenge Campaign featuring the Pack’s new Race; a self-contained mini-campaign, with a set of escalating victory conditions to suit both new and very experienced veteran players alike.

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