You can finally tweak your nuts in the latest America and European Truck Simulator patch

PUT DOWN ALL YOUR GAMES THAT DON’T FEATURE 18 WHEELS! Forget about The Division, set your copy of FIFA Insert Here on fire and dropkick your Rugby Challenge pre-order into the sun. Because the most important pair of games this side of Route 66 are getting update. Yes folks, American and European Truck Simulator has gotten a massive update, tweaks and fixes that will suit anyone who has a glovebox filled with strong pornography.

While the new patch won’t allow you to finally murder hitchhikers or face them to pay for their ride with the unspoken rules of the road, it will allow players to tweak their hub covers and offer improved cruise control. Here’s the full list of patch notes, via PC Gamer:

Awesome. If you need me, I’ll be wearing my favourite trucker vest, and hoping that Smokey doesn’t pull me over and find out that I’ve been illegally transporting cases of Coors Beer over state lines. Because I’m eastbound and down, loaded up and rolling, and I’m going to do what they say can’t be done. I have a long way to go and a short time to get there.

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