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NBA 2K17 Cover Athlete is Paul George (Standard Edition) Kobe Bryant (Legend Edition)

Paul George is the cover athlete for NBA 2K17 , , but officially announced during the a few minutes ago.Announced in April, Kobe Bryant is the cover athlete for the Legend Edition of NBA 2K17,. read more

Dangerous Golf Available Today For Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & PC

An arcade style sports game with a very explosive twist.Rack up scores by causing as much damage and destruction as possible. read more

Where Will KD End Up in 2017?

The time has come for Kevin Durant to make a decision,.The smart money where, at that point, he will decide his future alongside long-time teammate Russell Westbrook. read more

Some Ideas To Make MyPlayer Better... - Operation Sports

Some Ideas To Make MyPlayer Better.I head directly to MyPlayer mode and decide if my created point guard will be a 6-foot-1 Kevin Johnson clone or the next coming of Penny Hardaway at 6-foot-7. read more

FIFA 17 Using the Frostbite Engine - Madden, NHL & NBA Within the Next Few Years?

According to and their multiple sources, EA Sports and the FIFA franchise are transitioning from the Ignite engine to the Frostbite engine, with the Madden, NHL and NBA franchises making the move within the next few years.As most of you already know, was the first EA Sports game to utilize the Frostbite engine. read more

The Royals Just Keep Winning...

Don't look now, the Kansas City Royals at 29 wins and 22 losses.The defending World Champs have been highly challenged by injury this year,. read more

Fact or Fiction: 2016 Sports Gaming Predictions

When it’s all said and done, this will be said: “NBA 2K17 is your sports game of the year.Caley Roark: Fiction. read more

Two Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars Coming Soon to Rocket League

Available first as a timed exclusive in the Rocket League Collector�s Edition retail release, the jet-inspired Aftershock and monstrous Marauder will retain their original thematic style but also sport a new, more modern visual look.Both vehicles will also come with six gorgeous Decals immediately unlocked. read more

Gran Turismo Sport Live Spectate Mode Videos & More Details

The low speed tyre model issue demonstrated itself when you launched a car from standstill, with no step-out from the rear or torque steer from the front.Now PD did fix this to a degree late in GT6�s life, with step-out occurring in MR models quite well, however it was still far too mild in FR and non-existent in FF. read more

NBA 2K17 Ships on September 20, Pre-Order to Get it 4 Days Earlier

2K is bringing back NBA 2K Early Tip-Off Weekend, putting the full game into hands of fans four days ahead of the scheduled street date on September 20.Beginning today, fans can pre-order NBA 2K17 at participating North American retail and online vendors, ensuring they receive their copy beginning on Friday, September 16, four days ahead of the game�s September 20 street date, along with in-game digital content, including: read more

NBA 2K's Player Badges Could Work in The Show

One of the ways The Show team can do that is by implementing a meaningful badge system similar to what NBA 2K has, allowing for SCEA to expand on the player personality and morale system introduced in MLB The Show 16.The beauty of the badge system NBA 2K is that the badges aren't just visual eye candy; they actually have an impact on a player's performance. read more

PES 2017 Announced, New Features and Details Revealed

Combining Real Touch and real ball physics, passing is an art form in PES 2017.Keepers see a great jump in quality through added motions and animations, creating the most agile keepers in PES history. read more

NBA Live 16 Has Arrived in The Vault For EA Access Subscribers

NBA Live 16 has arrived in The Vault for EA Access members.For those of you that might still be unaware, EA Access is an Xbox One exclusive, allowing members to try upcoming EA games prior to release, offering 10% off all EA digital purchases and more. read more

MLB The Show 16: Tips for Winning in Battle Royale

MLB The Show 16: Tips for Winning in Battle Royale Battle Royale is my favorite new addition to MLB: The Show.At the risk of facing stiffer competition, here are some guidelines to help you climb the Battle Royale ladder. read more

Madden NFL 17 First Look Trailer and Five Things You Must Know About the Game

With Madden NFL 17 featuring Rob Gronkowski as the cover athlete, EA SPORTS has unveiled a bit of news about their upcoming title.From new equipment to major changes on the defensive side of the ball, there's a lot to be happy about with Madden NFL 17. read more

Madden NFL 17 Ships on Aug. 23, But You Can Get a Head Start in MUT 17 Today

MUT 16 Loyalty Badges will be rewarded for playing in various areas of Madden Ultimate Team such as new solo challenges, Draft Champions Ranked and Salary Cap Ranked.These Vouchers will carry over into Madden 17 and will be redeemable for various rewards (see below). read more

NBA 2K Stock Market: What Teams Are Trending Where?

As we navigate through the NBA playoffs, it's time to start taking stock of things.Coaching changes are still coming (sup, Scott Skiles), and in all there's lots of teams trending in many different directions. read more

Live Event Competitions Announced For EA Sports UFC 2

today announced the launch of Live Event Competitions, a brand new competitive experience in EA SPORTS� UFC� 2 Live Events mode.The winner of the grand final match, taking place on Friday, July 8 at the UFC� Fan Expo in Las Vegas, will receive $10,000 USD* and walk away with the belt as the EA SPORTS UFC 2 World Champion. read more

Madden NFL 17 Cover Athlete is Rob Gronkowski

Just announced on SportsCenter, Rob Gronkowski is the Madden NFL 17 cover athlete.(NASDAQ: EA) officially unveiled the Madden NFL 17 cover art, featuring New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski. read more

Madden NFL 17 Address All 3 Phases of the Game: Offense, Defense & Special Teams

Let's start with offense and the new Ball Carrier Controls.We�ve added a tiered system to the types of special moves different players are able to pull off � depending on their attributes, ratings and speed. read more