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Bravely Second Fencer Job Guide

Master the art of the Fencer in Bravely Second with this guide!The Fencer Job in Bravely Second can change stances to boost their attack, defense or speed. read more

Gamers defeated quantum computer in their own games

Gamer defeated quantum computer in their own quantum tasks.Recently ScienceAtHome, a Danish team of scientists, game developers, designers and artists developed Quantum Moves, a game that lets gamers simulate quantum computing tasks. read more

Bravely Second Patissier Job Guide

Become a master pastry chef in Bravely Second with this guide!They can use items on everyone and cause their confections to target all enemies at once. read more

Bespin expansion, new hero characters, and more coming to Star Wars: Battlefront this June

EA recently announced on its blog that new additions will be coming to Star Wars Battlefront come June.YouTube game commentator Westie says in his info video on the Bespin DLC that the news that both Lando and Dengar will appear in the game is both hot and cold: "You couldn't do a Bespin DLC without including Lando. read more

PAX Guide: Preparing for PAX East 2016

Tomorrow is the big day;  PAX East 2016 is FINALLY here!If this is your first PAX, you'll probably want to get into everything and be everywhere at once. read more

Preparing for PAX East 2016

Tomorrow is the big day;  PAX East 2016 is FINALLY here!If this is your first PAX, you'll probably want to get into everything and be everywhere at once. read more

Titan Siege MMORPG Receives A Huge Update

Just a couple days ago on April 19, GAMESCO announced and released the largest update ever to its MMORPG, Titan Siege.Besides all the new quests, the Equipment of the Gods collection is probably one of the biggest highlights of this update. read more

Tree of Savior F2P launch delayed and pricing sees changes with South American server announcement

For those unaware, Tree of Savior's Exclusive Access pricing varied greatly from region to region before now.In Tree of Savior's case, that gain is dirt-cheap Tokens that can be sold on the market for big bucks. read more

EVE: Valkyrie will support PlayStation VR and HTC Vive

The player takes on the role of an elite space fighter pilot who is a member of a pirate faction.It uses the most technologically advanced video game technology along with VR to further enhance the experience. read more

Rocket League Hoops launches for free on April 26 - Rocket League for PS4 News

In the new Dunk House arena the net itself can be used as a ramp for the ball and Aerials.While Psyonix is kindly gifting the new mode for free, it'll be hoping to cash in on the accompanying NBA Flag Pack for $1. read more

Small-brained ravens are just as clever as chimps

The study, published in Royal Society Open Science, found that ravens exhibit very high levels of self-control, something that is a strong indicator of overall intelligence.The birds's intelligence was assessed using what the study refers to as the 'cylinder task'. read more

Titanfall 2 releases in 2016, says GAME - Titanfall 2 for PS4 News

The retailer lists a "TBC-2016" date next to the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of the upcoming shooter, even though EA has yet to formally confirm when the game is due to launch.Titanfall 2 was officially announced last week, although a launch window has yet to be revealed. read more

Tiny Tower is Getting a Massive Update for its Five-Year Anniversary

Looks like we have an answer to what NimbleBit's been up to through the winter.Its best-known game, Tiny Tower, is getting a major update. read more

Mitsubishi admits falsifying fuel enomy tests

The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has withdrawn several mini-cars from sale in Japan after admitting it "conducted testing improperly to present better fuel consumption rates than the actual rates".The affected models are Mitsubishi's own eK Wagon and eK Space, and the Dayz and Dayz Roox vehicles that Mitsubishi makes for Nissan. read more

Remedy has been working on an unannounced game since August - Quantum Break for Xbox One News

As spotted by Gamer Center Online, two Remedy employees claim to currently be working on the new game, with one stating that they started work on the title back in has also found a further employee serving as the executive producer on the new game. read more

Whispers of the Old Gods Creeps into Action on April 26!

The Old Gods, of course!The Old Gods are benevolent (we cannot stress that enough) entities of supreme power who have come to show everyone just how much fun everything can be when you relax, and stop worrying so much! read more

Music Monday (4/18): This Week's New Albums + Videos

The resulting album is her first since the excellent 2011 release Let England Shake.LushBlind Spot The surviving members of the great British shoegaze/alt-rock band Lush have reunited for the first time since 1996, and have big plans for 2016. read more

What to Watch Now on Amazon Instant Video

This is the new permanent home of our guide to the best of Amazon Instant Video (including free titles for Prime members).The following recently added Amazon Instant Video titles received a Metascore of 61 or higher (or are much older "classics" that do not have a Metascore). read more

EVE Online expands with free-to-play shooter Project Nova ()

After an early hands-on with a pre-alpha build of Project Nova at EVE Fanfest, WIRED sees promise in the game.However, Project Nova feels very accessible to newcomers, not requiring any real knowledge of the sometimes dauntingly complex EVE continuity. read more

Steam Workshop Support Coming to Sega's Genesis Classics

Now, it seems Sega is opening up some of its older titles to official mod support, at least on Steam.Today, Sega Europe announced the Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub, releasing as a free update for the current Sega Genesis Classics Collection on April 28. read more