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Constructing a MLB The Show '17 Lineup & Staff: Traditional vs Sabermetrics

OS Writer spent an hour yesterday on his to talk about how to put together a lineup both with a traditional and sabermetric method.The discussion includes a lot of discussion on what the terms behind sabermetrics mean, and also a lot of discussion on the traditional lineup method as well. read more

Operation Sports at 2K Sports Part Three: Dealing With The Realities of Development a

In this third video, we take a look at the realities of game development while being a fan of the game series.As part of this series, we are also wanting to encourage anyone interested in working in gaming to look into it. read more

New Diamond Dynasty Pack: Bases Loaded

There was a new time-limited Diamond Dynasty pack released for on Friday.It comes with one guaranteed Silver player, double the chance of a Gold player and triple the chance of a Diamond player. read more

EA's Frostbite Engine: What is it, Why You Should Care

In recent weeks, I've noticed some OS forum dwellers stating their confusion about EA's Frostbite engine, and wondering what it means for the future of their favorite EA Sports games.For the most part, this discussion has emerged following the announcement that to the engine later this year. read more

OOTP 18: An Example Historical Sim and Some Thoughts on The Possibilities

Out of the Park Baseball is one of my favorite series in Sports Gaming.Those three things combine in for a playground of endless possibilities. read more

New NBA 2K17 Patch: Expanded Dev Notes

On the game-play front we put extensive work into the issue many of you have had with the double teams.It is important that you understand it was not a feature of ACE to have the AI double team so quickly. read more

Madden NFL 18 Gameplay Changes - What Do You Want to See?

There have been a few community members that are prominent in the Madden Ultimate Team world asking their followers for constructive feedback on what they would like to see changed gameplay wise in Madden NFL 18.I'm here asking the same thing, but to the OS crowd. read more

MLB The Show 17 Road to The Show Thoughts/Impressions (Video)

I put together this video of some of my early thoughts while still knocking around AA ball with my RTTS Character this year, the 'Magic Mullet' Harvey Honeycutt.Overall the mode is still very solid, and 'Pave your Path' has a lot of potential -- but I'm early enough in the game I haven't seen much of where that might be heading. read more

MLB The Show 17's Offline Franchise Offers a Slight Upgrade

One of these modes is an updated offline franchise mode that, as usual, has not received quite the amount of attention from the developers as the more lucrative and increasingly popular Diamond Dynasty mode that is keeping all of those servers overworked.However, that doesn’t mean that franchises have been completely ignored this year. read more

FIFA 17 Coming to The Vault on April 21 for Both EA Access & Origin Access Subscriber

FIFA 17 will be available on April 21 for both EA Access (Xbox One) and Origin Access (PC) subscribers.For those of you that might still be unaware, EA Access is an Xbox One exclusive, allowing members to try upcoming EA games prior to release, offering 10% off all EA digital purchases and more. read more

NBA Playgrounds Coming to Xbox One, PS4, Switch & PC in May For $20

Saber Interactive has announced NBA Playgrounds, scheduled to arrive in May for Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC for $20.The gameplay will remind many of us to the NBA Street and NBA Jam games of the past. read more

RBI Baseball 17: Remarkably Even Less to Offer Than Before - Operation Sports

RBI Baseball 17: Remarkably Even Less to Offer Than Before Baseball season is once again upon us, and as home runs, diving catches and contrived handshakes to celebrate a win begin to fill our television screens, you may be feeling the itch to play some digital hardball as well.Simply put, the bar has been raised so significantly in sports video games in the 20-plus years since R. read more

Operation Sports at 2K Sports Part Two: The Misconceptions About Game Development

Editor Chris Sanner recently got a chance to go out to 2K and chat with several members of the NBA 2K team about what it was like to go from a member of the OS and Sports Gaming Community to working in gaming.In part one we going from community member to game creator. read more

A Look At Potential NHL Playoff Matchups with NHL 17...

The format of the NHL’s qualification system allows for some potentially intriguing first-round playoff matchups.The Toronto Maple Leafs have been battling to stay in the playoff conversation with their young group of players. read more

A New Era Beginning Soon at OS...

A New Era Beginning Soon at OS.Video has become the new 'it' thing, to the point many content experts say videos are the new blog. read more

MLB The Show 17: Is It a Buy?

I also played the demo game a few times while the game downloaded, but probably for 10 innings total or so.Pros Josh Houtz: MLB The Show might be the best sports game on the market, and the guys over at SCEA continue to improve a game that, in my opinion, is nearly flawless. read more

WipEout Omega Collection Racing to PlayStation 4 on June 6 For $39.99

And with fully remastered sound effects, plus the addition of 28 licensed music tracks, WipEout sounds better than ever before.Pilot your favorite ships to killer tunes from Swedish House Mafia, Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. read more

MLB Manager 2017 Available Now For Android and iOS

com, and the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), today announced that MLB Manager 2017 is available now for Android and iOS at Google Play and the Apple App Store, respectively.This exciting mobile game allows players to take control of any MLB team, past or present, and guide it through unlimited seasons of championship chasing. read more

The OS Daily - MLB The Show 17, OOTP 18 Patch, Old Time Hockey & More

Make sure to take a few minutes out of your day and get caught up on the latest sports gaming news with our host Millennium.Today he provides a wrap up on the latest MLB The Show 17 news, OOTP 18 patch details and discusses a little Old Time Hockey, Surf World Series and more. read more

Surf World Series Gameplay Reveal Video

Lead producer Jamie Fisher, from developer Climax Studios, on PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year.In Surf World Series, players will take to the waves to experience the thrill of pure arcade-style surfing. read more