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Madden NFL 17 Video - Gameplay, Commentary, Fake FG Trick Play (GoodGameBro)

A few weeks ago, EA flew me out to Los Angeles to record some early Madden 17 gameplay.This is the second video that I've released, and I show off a ton of commentary with some of the new presentation changes too. read more

Jim Brown Receives $600K Settlement Against EA

"Iconic running back and Hollywood actor Jim Brown has agreed to accept a voluntary judgment offered by Electronic Arts (EA) stemming from the use of his likeness in Madden NFL video games, according to Hagens Berman.Big business should think twice before it turns players� hard-won identities and achievements into merchandise without permission or compensation. read more

FIFA Ultimate Team Chemistry Glitch Reveals Mode Could be Broken - EA Statement Added

YouTube user may have discovered a pretty serious issue within FIFA Ultimate Team, specifically when regarding the chemistry within the game.In a video uploaded this past weekend, Onix breaks down how chemistry could be artificially raising and lowering skill levels with no rhyme or reason by using the dribbling attribute as an example. read more

MXGP 2 Review (PS4)

Because once I started sharing the courses with 21 computer-controlled bikers, MXGP 2's unrealistic collisions and rudimentary AI ruined my fun.CPU drivers in MXGP 2 mostly just follow predetermined paths, being careful to avoid contact with fellow AI racers, and generally ignoring the user's presence on the track. read more

SCEA Bans Many Players for Using Exploits in MLB The Show 16

If you've been on Twitter lately, you've no doubt been seeing Ramone Russell over the past couple of days.Over the weekend, Ramone also posted in the SCEA Forums reiterating that breaking the rules and standards of the community. read more

NBA Draft Winners and Losers...

Last night, the 2016 NBA Draft was held in Brooklyn -- with the usual fanfare surrounding 60 new players entering the league.Some teams came out of draft night winners, and others didn't really advance an agenda towards championships. read more

WWE 2K17 Cover Athlete is Brock Lesnar, Shipping on October 11

2K Games held a conference call with Paul Heyman to announce that his client, the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar, would be on the cover of WWE 2K17.The game will be released on October 11 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. read more

NASCAR Heat Evolution Career Mode Details, Dev Diary & Much More (Game Informer)

its career mode is full bodied.You start out at the bottom of the Sprint Cup series with your own team and have to earn contracts and satisfy real sponsors in order to upgrade your organization. read more

Handing Out Grades for the NBA Draft

The Celtics had a busy night in the 2016 draft.Various sports outlets have been discussing last night's draft, handing out analysis, and giving grades to team's performances. read more

EA Sports UFC 2 Game Update 1.08 & Content Update #5 Available Now (UPDATED)

GameplayDevUFC, has been posting quite a few details on the upcoming EA Sports UFC 2 patch on over the past few days.While no date for the patch has been revealed, he has posted quite a few nuggets. read more

Madden NFL 17 Equipment Upgrades - Helmets, Facemasks, Gloves, Cleats & More

A lot of you have been waiting for the Madden NFL 17 team to show off the equipment upgrades this year.Today is the day! read more

The FIFA Chemistry Glitch, Are You Worried? (Poll)

Yesterday we posted a story about a growing fear amongst FUT players that in Ultimate Team.There's obviously a lot more which could be said about the story, and we're still following the latest developments ourselves, but we're interested in your reaction to the story. read more

Madden NFL 17 For Xbox 360 & PS3 Also Features New Commentary Team & More

The all-new Turning Points challenge in Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team drops you into hundreds of different scenarios from last year�s NFL season and rewards you based on how difficult your probability of success is.Whether playing solo or online with friends, your quest to build an NFL dynasty begins in Franchise Mode. read more

Madden NFL 17's Franchise Mode Now Features 'Big Decisions'

"Big DecisionsBig Decisions come to you with the right information at the right time.Do you start your star QB with that lingering injury, or go to your unproven back-up with a playoff spot on the line? read more

EA Details New Gameplanning Features in Madden NFL 17

, EA details new gameplanning features for.For each, you'll complete drills which will enable XP boosts for your team as you head into the next week. read more

FIFA 17 Interview - What the Frostbite Engine Brings to the Game

We talked with FIFA Technical Director Ed Kilham to find out what Frostbite brings to the FIFA franchise on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.The team has worked for more than two years with FIFA 17 and the Frostbite engine. read more

Madden NFL 17: Franchise Mode Adds New Play the Moments, Super-Sim Features

For players who want to span their career the entire 30 years but are limited in time, Play the Moment will be your new way to play.There will be different times you are called to 'play a moment'. read more

Madden NFL: Three Things Which Would Excite Me About Its Future

Before we step back out on the gridiron, let’s take a look at three things I think would catapult Madden back into the conversation as one of the best sports titles released in any given year.Just watching a player draft his or her team would make for great viewing and speculation. read more

Press Row Podcast - Madden NFL 17's New Commentary Team

Take a look at wishlists for almost any annualized sports game and you'll see fans requesting changes to commentary.The Madden NFL series is one of the few that has done so however - and multiple times in the last decade. read more

2K Road to the Finals Event Recap - Operation Sports

The company wrapped up their first high-profile event, dubbed "Road To The Finals," with a major championship event this past week.Not only were friends and family there to cheer on the teams, but also included in the crowd were a veritable who’s who of the NBA 2K development and community team. read more