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WWE RAW Results – April 11 2016

Taking place at the the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, Monday Night RAW featured the return of Shane McMahon and a few other faces.The match goes back and forth, but the Dudleyz are clearly in control, with Bubba Ray hitting the 3D for another win on RAW. read more

Ratchet and Clank PS4 Review: Triumphant Return

And so begins Ratchet's meteoric rise as he attempts to save the day.Speaking of going places, Ratchet and Clank's adventure is a grand one that spans multiple planets, which essentially represent the game's levels. read more

Rust Adds Female Models, Still Randomly Assigns Characters Via Steam ID

The newest update of survival title Rust is adding female player models to the mix.The catch with Rust is that players don't have the option of creating their own character. read more

What DOOM Needs to Live up to its Legacy

I explore what the new DOOM game needs to live up to its legacy!The original DOOM came out in 1993 and featured 3 episodes that were 9 levels each. read more

Dirt Rally Dev Saves Evolution Studios

A few weeks ago, Sony announced that it was closing down Driveclub developer Evolution Studios.DIRT Rally developer Codemasters to the rescue! read more

Patch coming soon - Patch Spoilers

Geoff Harrower, A.A. read more

Some Thoughts About the "Nintendo PlayStation"

And of these, none perhaps had quite so profound an impact as the near-miss between Nintendo and Sony in the early ’90s.The prototype, which has been informally dubbed the "Nintendo PlayStation," has been making the rounds to various events over the past few months, and this weekend it appeared on display at Midwest Gaming Classic. read more

Dark Souls III releases tomorrow

The great kingdom of Lothric beckons -- prepare for another Dark Souls adventure.Early reviews have been favorable, and after last year’s Bloodborne, it seems as if Dark Souls III will be the most polished game FromSoftware has to offer. read more

Road to the Show in MLB The Show 16 Guide: How to make a hall of fame caliber pitcher

Having a dominant pitcher in Road to the Show mode for MLB The Show 16 can be one of the most exhilarating experiences the game has to offer.Our most recent MLB The Show 16 guide profiled how to make a hall of fame caliber position player, but provided little information on creating a pitcher. read more

Star Fox team takes on The Galactic Empire in this fan-made short

While some fan-made content is high quality, and some of it not so much, there is some that's just plain fun.In this fan-made video, "Star Fox vs Star Wars Invasion: Battle for Earth" by King Bob Videos, has taken two of the most well-known space series and blended them together for one epic battle. read more

How to setup and use PS4 Remote Play on PC or Mac

50 update for the PlayStation 4, one of the most notable features is the ability for PC and Mac users to use Remote Play.So we're here to help you figure out just how to get PS4 remote play to work with PC or Mac. read more

Titanfall 2 teaser trailer released, worldwide reveal slated for June 12

Respawn Entertainment has released a short teaser trailer for the much-anticipated Titanfall 2, and confirmed that the game will be multi-platform this time around, with a worldwide reveal for the game scheduled for June 12.Speaking of their plans for the single-player campaign in an interview with Forbes back in February, lead writer for the game Jesse Stern had this to say: ". read more

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Loot-Drop Controversy Highlights Need for Transparency in Free-to-Play Games

The Western iteration of Square-Enix's unique mobile RPG, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, turned a year old in March.An "event" in Record Keeper is a timed festival that highlights a specific Final Fantasy universe or title. read more

Check out this Glock modded to look like a Nintendo Zapper

I can’t be the only one who, as a kid, thought it would be flipping cool to have a a real life Nintendo Zapper.Don’t get me wrong, I’d never condone making use of the weapon, but I really do appreciate how awesome it looks, and how true it is to the original Nintendo Zapper. read more

Need a review for your indie game? Look no further

Take a moment to fill our our form to have your indie game reviewed by one of our games journalists!We have a team of games journalists eager to try new indie games and write detailed reviews. read more

Arizona State University are the Heroes of the Dorm

We often read about the price of tuition, and the debt students put themselves in while attempting to get a higher education in the US.The collegiate tournament Heroes of the Dorm came to a conclusion this past weekend with Arizona State University taking the Grand Final and earning themselves $500,000 in scholarships. read more

Titanfall 2 teaser trailer finally drops from orbit

It has been a long time coming, but EA and Respawn are finally settling into the new fiscal year by revealing Titanfall 2.The sequel to the incredibly good (yet underrated) shooter that was initially exclusive to Xbox One, Titanfall 2 will not be ignoring anyone this time around. read more

Retronauts Micro Paints the Town Red with a New Mixtape

You asked for it, so here it is: another Retronauts Micro mixtape.And while you’ve likely heard a few of this episode’s songs before, they fall into a somewhat unsung category of RPG music: town themes. read more

NBA 2K16: Throwback Thursday Card Reviews (4/11/16)

Hey guys, it’s Robby from Two Brothers Gaming again here with some more NBA 2K16 My Team Throwback Thursday card reviews!Every week in NBA 2K16’s My Team mode, there are Throwback Thursday cards released with specific players’ highlight seasons. read more

MLB The Show 16: Talking Road to the Show (Roundtable)

MLB The Show 16: Talking Road to the Show (Roundtable) 1.Chris Sanner: I've already gone on record saying they're amazing, and I still feel that way. read more