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Upcoming changes for Tom Clancy's The Division 1.1 Patch

The first major content update will be released for Ubisoft's, Tom Clancy's The Division, in the next few days!In this new patch they are including End-Game activities and character gear and gear sets with scores of 204 (level 32). read more

GTA V meets The Walking Dead

When your favorite character literally comes to life on your favorite TV show, you have a great excuse to keep watching.Steven Ogg, the voice actor for Trevor Phillips off of Grand Theft Auto V, has come to be in full form on the popular TV series The Walking Dead! read more

Steam VR, the HTC Vive, is finally here!

The HTC Vive/SteamVR device is finally available for use, with a large collection of games, and some awesome looking features.00), and can be bought directly from HTC's website, right here. read more

The PlayStation 3.50 update has a ton of unannounced features

Reddit users have discovered there's a lot more to PS4's Firmware 3.Shortly after the release of PS4's firmware 3. read more

Nintendo hits creators of Zelda30Tribute with copyright claim

In Febrary 21, 1986, Nintendo released the first Legend of Zelda game in Japan and a few weeks ago, we celebrated its 30th anniversary.A few days ago -- on April 4th -- Zelda fans Scott and Mike published their fan made game Zelda30Tribute online. read more

OOTP 17 Update #3 Available Now, Here Are The Details

The second OOTP 17 patch (version number 17.46) is available for users that purchased the game directly from the OOTP website or from official resellers. read more

Community Question: What's Your Favorite Virtual Console Game?

As a reminder, I read through a few lists of Virtual Console games, and the sheer volume of titles blew me away.This meant I had to sit there and take a gander at what the Virtual Console selection currently is. read more

Enter the Gungeon PC Review: A Fistful of Bullets

Right from the get-go, the bosses are amazing displays of the bullet hell style that Enter the Gungeon leans towards.Oh, you'll have situations where you think you'll squeak through and take that last hit. read more

Black Desert Online PC Review: A Virtual Life as Complex as the Real One

You've probably heard of Black Desert Online because of its absurdly beautiful character creator.You'll begin Black Desert Online like you would any other MMO. read more

MLB The Show 16 Offers Fans 5,000 Stubs & 10 Standard Packs For Server Issues

Every season, there�s nothing we look forward to more than finally getting a new version of MLB The Show into our fans� hands.We spend our offseason striving to make the best baseball game possible, aided by an amazing community that buoys us with their support and terrific feedback. read more

MLB The Show 16 Patch 1.02 Available, Here Are The Details

Online gameplay softlock addressed: the game will no longer get into a pickoff state when a pitch is in flight or when a ball is in play.Extensive work has been done to address the "Challenge failed" issue on PS4. read more

Note Block Beat Box: Listening to Through the Tower from Ragnarok Online

Earlier, I outlined how Ragnarok Online's adorable, colorful graphics have helped the Korean MMORPG keep its fanbase for nearly 15 years.It'd be remiss of me to not mention another major reason for Ragnarok Online's longevity: Its epic soundtrack. read more

Dead Star PS4 Review: Space Shooter Meets MOBA Variant

At the start of a game, players select their loadout, which involves choosing which ships they want to take into battle.Each team's home base sits at the opposite end of the playfield, and between them is a no-man's land where the battle plays out. read more

Players can now be the Zed in Killing Floor 2's new PvP mode

Can the Human team make it through all the waves – or can the Zed team stop them before they get to the end?I imagine this new Killing Floor 2 PvP mode will play similarly. read more

MLB The Show 16: Which Players Give You The Most Trouble?

I've never been able to hit changeups very well in any iteration of MLB The Show because my eyes and brain tend to process them as fastballs.Also, I'm proud of all of you for not saying Pat Neshek -- don't give Pat the satisfaction. read more

HTC denies Vive shipping issues, despite customer complaints

The Oculus Rift suffered major setbacks with deliveries, forcing them to eventually waive shipping fees for all orders.And HTC isn’t having an easy time either, even though they’re not as kind to admit it. read more

Emerging game video sharing platform reached 10 million active users

With the rising of popularity of gaming videos, the streaming industry is growing too.Besides Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and FACEIT, there's another game video sharing platform that's thriving on this trend. read more

Ragnarok Mobile Warms the Souls of Ragnarok Online Fans With Its Familiar Visuals

And maybe you downloaded and sampled the trial version of a hyper-cute Korean MMORPG called Ragnarok Online.By the time Ragnarok Online became available to English-speaking audiences, Ultima Online and EverQuest were already making headlines about stealing away people's leisure time, relationships, and jobs. read more

Here's the rumoured match card for WWE Payback

Because Payback is a Mel Gibson movie from 1999 that I still regularly watch because of my Lucy Liu crush.According to SEScoops, here’s what the current match card looks like for Payback: That’s a fab line-up already. read more

Heading to Midwest Gaming Classic This Weekend? Come See Us, Live!

If you'll be attending MGC, you should come see us!We'll be presenting a live panel at 2 p. read more