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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Diamond Dynasty

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Diamond Dynasty Since its inception, the Diamond Dynasty suite of modes is something that I wanted to like.Something about Diamond Dynasty just didn't click for me. read more

The Best Players on New Teams in Madden NFL 17

The Best Players on New Teams in Madden NFL 17 As we approach the beginning of a new year in the NFL, it's finally time to speculate about the slew of players joining a new team in the 2016 NFL season.Whether it be through the NFL Draft or free agency, almost all available players have found a landing spot for the upcoming season. read more

Kevin Durant Will Sign with the Golden State Warriors - Are They Cheese in NBA 2K17?

Looking at the end of season NBA 2K16 ratings below, the Warriors would have 3 players with a 90+ rating with Draymond Green not far behind.No current team has more than 1 90+ rated player, not even the classic teams have more than 2 players rated 90+. read more

Vote For the FIFA 17 Global Cover Athlete (James, Martial, Reus or Hazard)

official FIFA Cover Vote WebsiteAll voting will take place on the beginning today and running through July 19 at 11:59pm PT.Fans can vote online once per day for their favorite player and earn extra votes by utilizing the auto-share feature with the hashtag #FIFA17CoverReward. read more

Will We Ever See All-Star Weekend in EA Sports NHL?

It's not like we haven't seen elements of an All-Star Weekend in the series before.A few of EA Sports' NHL titles have flirted with the idea. read more

How Set Pieces Have Changed in FIFA 17 (Trailer & Interview)

EA has posted an , as he goes in-depth about how set pieces have changed.Set pieces in FIFA had used the same system for many years and it was time for a change. read more

F1 2016 Features 22 Player Online Racing, Formation Lap & Manual Starts

F1 2016 will also include manual race starts.You�ll need to engage your clutch and balance your revs, as you wait for the lights to go out. read more

NBA 2K17: The Winners and Losers from Free Agency

From the moment the NBA Finals end, we as fans go straight into offseason mode starting with the NBA Draft.The Thunder, Spurs, Heat, Clippers, Celtics and Warriors all made strong pushes for KD, with the scoring phenom inking with last year’s runners-up. read more

Need For Speed Arrives in The Vault on July 12 For Origin & EA Access Subscribers

It also gives users access to The Vault, which houses a growing library of EA games subscribers can play as much as they want.Origin Access, exclusive for PC users, is very similar to the Xbox One subscription service, EA Access. read more

9 Things We Learned About Madden NFL 17 (Gamesradar)

In a game as the Seahawks against the 49ers, I repeatedly find myself smiling at the antics of cornerback Richard Sherman.At various points between plays he shares helmet-to-helmet smacktalk with opponents, bumps shoulders and elbows with team mates, and leaves the field dancing around after forcing a San Fran three-and-out. read more

Sports Gaming And the Art of Storytelling

Even sports games, which long neglected story telling before the likes of Fight Night, have come around.Most who played through the story mode, which was designed by acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee, wound up feeling indifferent about it. read more

Madden NFL 17 Video - Gameplay, Commentary, Fake FG Trick Play (GoodGameBro)

A few weeks ago, EA flew me out to Los Angeles to record some early Madden 17 gameplay.This is the second video that I've released, and I show off a ton of commentary with some of the new presentation changes too. read more

Jim Brown Receives $600K Settlement Against EA

"Iconic running back and Hollywood actor Jim Brown has agreed to accept a voluntary judgment offered by Electronic Arts (EA) stemming from the use of his likeness in Madden NFL video games, according to Hagens Berman.Big business should think twice before it turns players� hard-won identities and achievements into merchandise without permission or compensation. read more

FIFA Ultimate Team Chemistry Glitch Reveals Mode Could be Broken - EA Statement Added

YouTube user may have discovered a pretty serious issue within FIFA Ultimate Team, specifically when regarding the chemistry within the game.In a video uploaded this past weekend, Onix breaks down how chemistry could be artificially raising and lowering skill levels with no rhyme or reason by using the dribbling attribute as an example. read more

MXGP 2 Review (PS4)

Because once I started sharing the courses with 21 computer-controlled bikers, MXGP 2's unrealistic collisions and rudimentary AI ruined my fun.CPU drivers in MXGP 2 mostly just follow predetermined paths, being careful to avoid contact with fellow AI racers, and generally ignoring the user's presence on the track. read more

SCEA Bans Many Players for Using Exploits in MLB The Show 16

If you've been on Twitter lately, you've no doubt been seeing Ramone Russell over the past couple of days.Over the weekend, Ramone also posted in the SCEA Forums reiterating that breaking the rules and standards of the community. read more

NBA Draft Winners and Losers...

Last night, the 2016 NBA Draft was held in Brooklyn -- with the usual fanfare surrounding 60 new players entering the league.Some teams came out of draft night winners, and others didn't really advance an agenda towards championships. read more

WWE 2K17 Cover Athlete is Brock Lesnar, Shipping on October 11

2K Games held a conference call with Paul Heyman to announce that his client, the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar, would be on the cover of WWE 2K17.The game will be released on October 11 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. read more

NASCAR Heat Evolution Career Mode Details, Dev Diary & Much More (Game Informer)

its career mode is full bodied.You start out at the bottom of the Sprint Cup series with your own team and have to earn contracts and satisfy real sponsors in order to upgrade your organization. read more

Handing Out Grades for the NBA Draft

The Celtics had a busy night in the 2016 draft.Various sports outlets have been discussing last night's draft, handing out analysis, and giving grades to team's performances. read more