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EA Sports UFC 2 Game Update 1.08 & Content Update #5 Available Now (UPDATED)

GameplayDevUFC, has been posting quite a few details on the upcoming EA Sports UFC 2 patch on over the past few days.While no date for the patch has been revealed, he has posted quite a few nuggets. read more

Madden NFL 17 Equipment Upgrades - Helmets, Facemasks, Gloves, Cleats & More

A lot of you have been waiting for the Madden NFL 17 team to show off the equipment upgrades this year.Today is the day! read more

The FIFA Chemistry Glitch, Are You Worried? (Poll)

Yesterday we posted a story about a growing fear amongst FUT players that in Ultimate Team.There's obviously a lot more which could be said about the story, and we're still following the latest developments ourselves, but we're interested in your reaction to the story. read more

Madden NFL 17 For Xbox 360 & PS3 Also Features New Commentary Team & More

The all-new Turning Points challenge in Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team drops you into hundreds of different scenarios from last year�s NFL season and rewards you based on how difficult your probability of success is.Whether playing solo or online with friends, your quest to build an NFL dynasty begins in Franchise Mode. read more

Madden NFL 17's Franchise Mode Now Features 'Big Decisions'

"Big DecisionsBig Decisions come to you with the right information at the right time.Do you start your star QB with that lingering injury, or go to your unproven back-up with a playoff spot on the line? read more

EA Details New Gameplanning Features in Madden NFL 17

, EA details new gameplanning features for.For each, you'll complete drills which will enable XP boosts for your team as you head into the next week. read more

FIFA 17 Interview - What the Frostbite Engine Brings to the Game

We talked with FIFA Technical Director Ed Kilham to find out what Frostbite brings to the FIFA franchise on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.The team has worked for more than two years with FIFA 17 and the Frostbite engine. read more

Madden NFL 17: Franchise Mode Adds New Play the Moments, Super-Sim Features

For players who want to span their career the entire 30 years but are limited in time, Play the Moment will be your new way to play.There will be different times you are called to 'play a moment'. read more

Madden NFL: Three Things Which Would Excite Me About Its Future

Before we step back out on the gridiron, let’s take a look at three things I think would catapult Madden back into the conversation as one of the best sports titles released in any given year.Just watching a player draft his or her team would make for great viewing and speculation. read more

Press Row Podcast - Madden NFL 17's New Commentary Team

Take a look at wishlists for almost any annualized sports game and you'll see fans requesting changes to commentary.The Madden NFL series is one of the few that has done so however - and multiple times in the last decade. read more

2K Road to the Finals Event Recap - Operation Sports

The company wrapped up their first high-profile event, dubbed "Road To The Finals," with a major championship event this past week.Not only were friends and family there to cheer on the teams, but also included in the crowd were a veritable who’s who of the NBA 2K development and community team. read more

Forza Racing Championship Debuts This Summer in Forza Motorsport 6

Racing on Xbox One will soon take its next great leap forward with the Forza Racing Championship, debuting later this summer in Forza Motorsport 6.The Forza Racing Championship will take advantage of Forza�s renowned authenticity and the massive amount of content available in the game, including more than 600 fully detailed Forzavista� cars and an unmatched lineup of racing tracks from all over the world. read more

NHL 17 Has New Training Features Designed to Sharpen Your Game

from EA on teaching users hockey and how to play.Some of the new training features include a which has been revamped to make improving your skill level easier and faster than ever before. read more

NHL 17 Features New Ways to Play Your Favorite Modes

"Take your EA SPORTS Hockey League team to the next level by progressing through ranks to unlock customization items and give your uniform a unique look, or use the all-new Arena Creator to build the home ice you�ve always wanted.Celebrate career defining Moments in Be a Pro and immerse yourself into the most exciting Hockey Ultimate Team ever with the introduction of team Synergy, completely changing the way you build and play your dream team. read more

NHL 17 Features Revealed

No matter how you play the game, NHL 17 lets you shape your legacy on and off the ice.No matter how you play the game, NHL 17 delivers new modes to connect to your favorite teams and players. read more

How Excited About E3 Are You? (Poll)

The unofficial kick-off to the 2016 sports gaming season is approaching!E3 2016 is just around the corner (literally next week) and we are almost certainly going to learn a load of information about sports games we know about and probably a few we didn't know existed. read more

Five Game Announcements We'd Love to See At E3 2016...

Five Game Announcements We'd Love to See At E3 2016.Despite all that goodness, there hasn't been enough variety for us sports gamers at E3 in recent years. read more

FIFA 17 Powered by Frostbite - Watch the Reveal Trailer Here

All-New Engine for FIFA 17, Gameplay Innovation Influenced by Four New Football Ambassadors Electronic Arts revealed that EA SPORTS™ FIFA 17 is powered by Frostbite™*. read more

James Shields Will Boost An Already Good White Sox Rotation

The Chicago White Sox pulled off with the San Diego Padres to acquire James Shields.In a deal you'd typically see at the Trade Deadline, the White Sox gave away a couple of younger talents to acquire Shields from the Padres. read more

MLB The Show 16: Zone Hitting Against Online Pitchers

Which swing button should you press?You can have plenty of success online hitting for contact and for power while only using the normal X button swing. read more