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There is one way to get them unlocked without actually sharing, but it's only confirmed to work on the PC-based browser version.Super easy, and you don't have to do it each time you want to play in that browser. read more

Be the best snake you can be in with these tips

Don't stay in overpopulated areas of the map if you're trying to play it safe, especially if you're lagging.Coiling is a common tactic, and it's one anyone used to being a big snake in Slither. read more Classic Snake on Steroids (Review)

For classic Snake fans (like me), Slither.Once you hit play, you start out as an itty-bitty snake in a cruel and competitive world. read more guide to snake murder when the lag's got you down

io but you don't need to get it get you down.It may seem impossible to use the game's gimpy servers to your advantage, but desperate times call for desperate measures. read more

5 reasons is going to be better than and outlast

From the first week the game was up until just a couple months ago, I played Agar.A modern multiplayer take on the classic game Snake, Slither. read more

The unbeatable strategy that'll get you to the top

If we're being honest, is way more fun when you're an aggressive snake. read more