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Grand Theft Auto Online gets a new game type and vehicle

After every score the action immediately resets, keeping the pace of play frenetic.The new vehicle is the "Vapid Minivan Custom," a grocery-getter suitable for carrying your boys to firearms practice, or popping open the side door and unloading on anyone who gets too close. read more

Rare, canceled Beavis and Butt-Head arcade game surfaces in Chicago-area arcade

9 of Beavis and Butt-Head this week.After focus groups gave it a thumbs down, Atari scrapped plans for the game and that was that. read more

Real handgun made to look like Nintendo Zapper

A custom firearms manufacturer in Texas modded up a Glock handgun to resemble a Nintendo Zapper, the light gun that shipped with millions of Nintendo Entertainment Systems in the 1980s.The photos showcase a gun bearing the Zapper's signature two-tone color scheme with red accents, and a Nintendo Zapper logo along the barrel. read more

Recreate the dumbest nickname proposal in sports history with NBA 2K16

This week, ESPN revealed the jaw-dropping story behind a sports nickname so stupid its own team cast the lone dissenting vote against its approval: The New Jersey Swamp Dragons, today known as the Brooklyn Nets, who were looking for an extreme makeover in the 1990s.Xbox One user "Da Infamous NY" painstakingly recreated the Swamp Dragons' proposed uniforms from the images included in ESPN's story, and has made them available here. read more

Yakuza 0 confirmed for European release in 2017 - Yakuza 0 for PS4 News

The European release will feature the game's original Japanese voice over and English-only subtitles.Confirmation follows earlier confusion over a European release after a trailer for the game stated that it is "coming to North America and Europe". read more