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Here's everything you need to know about Rugby Challenge 3

I may not know much about rugby, but I do know that lots of locals think it’s quite a Naas sport.For starters, it should be a lot better than the abomination that is Rugby World Cup 15. read more

The Captain America: Civil War Dossiers - Iron Man and Vision

And that’s a path that sets Iron Man up against the first Avenger himself, as he assembles a team to take down Captain America and his rogue superhuman squad.Here’s part two of our Civil War feature, focusing on the tag team of Iron Man and the Vision. read more

Oh hi Iron Man Mark 46

If you look back at the first Iron man suit and compare it to almost a decade of development and improvements, man what a difference.The current Iron Man suits? read more

Will you be able to run Mirror's Edge: Catalyst?

Along with a renewed focus on parkour over combat and a much more fluid system of platforming, Catalyst looks to be making full use of the Frostbite engine.In short, Catalyst looks gorgeous, and it’s going to require some power on PC to stay that way. read more

Transistor, Bastion developers reveal new RPG, Pyre

And that’s not all too surprising, given that the game is only slated to launch sometime next year.It’s gorgeous already, with the same type of 2D styling and attention to detail that made both Bastion and Transistor such visual treats. read more

Hearthstone’s Whispers of the Old Gods expansion is out on the 26th of April

More than a month ago, Blizzard officially announced Whispers of the Old Gods.The Old Gods are benevolent (we cannot stress that enough) entities of supreme power who have come to show everyone just how much fun everything can be when you relax, and stop worrying so much! read more

Mafia III wants their black lead character to “be authentic”

There’s a long-running joke in gaming that just about every protagonist in every game happens to be a 30-something white guy.Not so with Mafia III however, as the lead character of that game isn’t hailing from suburbia. read more

Grant Hinds talks YouTube, Gaming and Life

I’ve always enjoyed podcasts, they’re perfect for travel and gathering information specific to your interests.Thus, I took it upon myself to start my own Podcast series along with Orena; something I’d toyed around with for several months, aimed at gaming culture. read more

Guile is coming to Street Fighter V this month

There are few things I hate going up against in Street Fighter more than a really good Guile player.And he’s coming to Street Fighter V. read more

Tracer has blinked her way into the Heroes of the Storm Nexus!

Deal 557 (265 + 4% per level) damage to a nearby enemy, prioritizing Heroes.Gain 5% Pulse Bomb charge when damaging an enemy, and 10% against Heroes. read more

Hey, Blizzard took note - South Africa is finally getting a Hearthstone Spring Preliminary!

I’ve always found it rather annoying that we in South Africa in particular get left out.Yesterday, an email found its way into my inbox from a local Hearthstone player, Francois Mouton. read more

Signs point towards a new Destiny expansion arriving September 20

That’s a rather big gap in the second year of Destiny, when you consider how the expansions The Dark Below and House of Wolves helped stop that exodus during year one.), Bungie could kick off the third year of Destiny with the same approach. read more

Dark Souls board game gets crowd-funded…in three minutes

And you lot still want more of the Dark Souls brand in your life.The idea of a Dark Souls board game actually sounds pretty neat. read more

Pokémon Sun and Moon mascots Solgaleo and Lunaala possibly leaked

The idea of a few hundred new Pokémon to catch in any iteration of the pocket monster franchise is always a big magnet for the kinds of terrible people who religiously play anything related to Pokémon (Hi mom!That horrible, horrible decision will need to be made again when Pokémon Sun and Moon arrives on release day for people who are too poor to buy each copy of the game (Hi mom! read more

ESL's expansion continues with the Benelux Championship

The Electronic Sports League has long been the front-runner for major eSports tournaments and development throughout the globe.While this championship is somewhat irrelevant to us here in South Africa, it does pose an important question: When will ESL make their way to South Africa? read more

Yo-Kai Watch Review – Ghost in the Shellder

And then there’s Yo-Kai Watch.If you had to whip up a checklist of arbitrary points to cover, Yo-Kai Watch has all the ingredients and then some. read more

The Captain America: Civil War Dossiers - Scarlet Witch and the Winter Soldier

There’s a lot of heroes present in Captain America: Civil War, possibly too many to even keep track.Have no fear, because we’ve been rolling out primers this entire week on the upcoming throwdown. read more

Star Fox Zero Review - Top Fox

Getting a quick introduction to Star Fox and his universe felt great for someone like me, not being versed in this universe or familiar with its characters at all.The most compelling part about Star Fox Zero is getting behind the controls of one of its many vehicles. read more

Star Fox Guard review - Five Nights at Grippy's

Many people have been waiting about a decade for a new Star Fox game, and they’ll soon get that in Star Fox Zero, possibly one of the last big games coming for Nintendo’s less-popular-than-it-ought-to-be home console.With that much excitement for the revered franchise, there’s a chance people could overlook a little gem that also bears the Star Fox name. read more