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Your Garden is Growing!

Pogo’s latest and greatest solitaire game has 60 all-new levels to play, 12 new decorations to earn and 12 new Badges to win.On top of that, one of your most-requested features is here: you can now rearrange your garden. read more

Insomniac's Song of the Deep launches July 12 - Song of the Deep for PS4 News

Song of the Deep, a Metroidvania adventure set in the depths of the ocean, will launch digitally on PS4, Xbox One and Steam on July 12, Insomniac has announced.In the game you play a young girl searching for her father, piloting a submarine or free-diving through a beautiful and deadly undersea world filled with action and puzzles. read more

Acer unveils a liquid-cooled laptop, simplified UI tablet for “super-seniors”

The Switch Alpha 12 laptop is the juiced-up version of its Aspire Switch 12 S that was announced back at CES.Instead of the Switch 12 S's Core M processor, the Alpha 12 supports sixth-generation Core i3U, i5, and i7 processors. read more