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Xbox 360 Games That are Compatible with Xbox One

There are two ways to install and play backward compatible Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One: If you own the original disc, just insert the game into the console, and it will automatically start downloading to the Xbox One's hard drive.If you bought a title digitally, navigate to the Xbox One "Ready to Install" menu and click on the game you want to install. read more

New Titles Join Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Game List

There are now well over 150 Xbox 360 games you can play on the Xbox One.Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb announced on Twitter today: “Garou MOTW, Sonic the Fighters & Duke Nukem MP are now available on Xbox One Back Compat” The full names are Garou: Mark of the Wolves and Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. read more

Xbox One System Update includes improved precision to Elite Controller and Xbox 360 store -

The latest Xbox One system update is rolling out now to Xbox One users, Major Nelson has announced.The previously announced option to buy Xbox 360 digital games for use on Xbox One backward compatibility remains the biggest feature, but Microsoft has also dropped in an improvement to the Xbox One Elite Controller to make it even more precise. read more

Final Fantasy 11 Online has been shut down on PS2 & Xbox 360 - Final Fantasy XI for PS2 News

After 15 years of operation the PS2 version of Final Fantasy 11 Online has been closed, alongside the more recent Xbox 360 game.The PS2 game launched in Japan way back in 2002 under Square, before the company merged with Enix in 2003. read more

Left 4 Dead 2 now on Xbox One backward compatibility - Left 4 Dead 2 for Xbox 360 News

Co-op zombie shooter Left 4 Dead 2 is now available on Xbox One backwards compatibility, Microsoft has announced.If you own a digital copy of the Xbox 360 version, it should appear in the Ready To Install section of My Games & Apps. read more

Alan Wake's two DLCs are now free on Xbox 360 - Alan Wake for Xbox 360 News

Both DLCs are set after the events of the main game, and introduce two new episodes to conclude the story.The first DLC was originally made free to players who bought a new copy of the original game, with the second costing $6. read more

Gaming Steve | Gaming Steve Episode 28 – 11.22.2005

This week’s episode is a “super special episode” as I cover the worldwide launch of the Xbox 360 at Best Buy in Midtown Manhattan.If you think you’re a hardcore gamer wait until you meet these guys. read more

Microsoft ending Xbox 360 hardware production after over 10 years on the market

Any Xbox 360 consoles left on retailer shelves will be very last as Microsoft intends to sell through its remaining stock worldwide.The good news is that it's only the hardware that will be moving on, for now; Microsoft will keep Xbox Live services running for all Xbox 360 owners, and the company will also continue to provide technical support for Xbox 360 hardware. read more

Xbox 360 is being discontinued -

The announcement follows months after the console celebrated its 10-year anniversary, with Xbox chief Phil Spencer commenting that the Xbox 360 has had "an amazing run".Which is why we have made the decision to stop manufacturing new Xbox 360 consoles. read more

Microsoft Stops Manufacturing the Xbox 360

We will continue to sell existing inventory of Xbox 360 consoles, with availability varying by country.Just because Microsoft has moved on, doesn't mean they've forgotten you, Xbox 360. read more

Red Dead Redemption Performs Better On Xbox One Than Xbox 360

Red Dead Redemption was recently made available to play on Xbox One thanks to the backward compatibility program, and it turns out the game is even better on that console than on Xbox 360.This was revealed in a new comparison video by Digital Foundry, showing improved frame rate and the removal of screen tearing. read more

Five New Games Hit Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Today

The reveal of backwards compatibility coming to the Xbox One at E3 two years ago was a very pleasant surprise that has been getting better each and every week with new games being added to the library.Some days definitely bring better games than others and while today’s aren’t your AAA games like the recently added Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, five new games have still been added that you might be interested in. read more